I think it’s Tourettes but I don’t have any vocal tics and I’ve done a bit of research and tics are supposed to start around 5-10 years of age. Severe symptoms might significantly interfere with communication, daily functioning and quality of life.Tics are classified as: 1. I’m 12 and I’ll randomly pop my lips or hit something, ( I can usually force stop the hitting before touching objects) is this a sign of TS or TS+? What you’re describing may be tics or maybe not, only a doctor can make a Tourette diagnosis. It also happens mostly when I am excited, happy, or scared. Hi, I am wondering if anyone can give any advice or point me in a direction with further help. But today I was with my girlfriend and she said “I don’t know” to one of my questions and it really doesn’t annoy me, just aggravates me for 0.2 seconds. PLEASE REPLY with any information or ask me questions to help you see if it is TS. I also open my mouth really whide and sometimes I blink rapidly and roll my eyes back. So lately I’ve been chewing on the inside of my lip and chewing off the dry skin til it bleeds. I am scared of develpeing Tourettes. Your email address will not be published. Your child may have a total disregard for age-appropriate social skills like greeting, smiling, or playing with other kids. He can’t control it, and half the time doesn’t know he is doing it. Tics aren’t emotional, they’re physical. Take ur son to see a psychiatrist not because ur son is crazy but this doctors work with kids with different disorders regular doctor can help but are not specialize in those areas my kids see one and there doing great good luck. It’s been happening more frequently and at this point it hurts to touch the top of my hands and they’re so itchy around the cuts/scars. 1. i’m 15 and long recntly has my thigh be gone “tics” (or so i think) it happens mainly whenever i lay on it but it had gone away for a few days and now it’s back, suggestions? so they can get you help and see if you are diagnosed with tics, My name is Fynegan (Fyn), I’m Agender and I’m 13 almost 14. Any tips? My partner (They/Them) has Tourette’s and just has a winking tic so I know somewhat how tics work and is it cheating if I fake tics around my therapist who I go to for ADHD stuff so she notices and asks bc I am a chicken? I don’t really think it’s Tourette’s, but i can’t think of what else it could be, so I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this or knows what’s happening. U can try seeing a psychiatrist my kids see on and there doing great,this doctors specialize with kids with different kinds of disorders good luck give it a try. I wish you the very best in seeking those answers. I’m also 16 and over the last few months or so I’ve been feeling an intense need to wink, scrunch one side of my nose and make small, short, single-note humming noises at random times. 4.i blink an unusual amount, even mentioning doing it is making me do it. He also has explosive rages for the littlest things and becomes very violent, the gpnis referring him to Camhs but the wait is very long I believe. I need help. I can’t say what specifically, but you should probably look more into that online or with a doctor. The movements are always the same. i also forgot to mention that my knees start to shake so fast when more than two people re looking atme and i physically cant stop it …i also have been swallowing for no reason at random times. Try seeing a psychiatrist not because ur crazy but because this doctors specialize with kids with different disorders my kids see one and there doing great good luck give it a try. Hi Endre! We would like to know if it’s serious and we should take her to the doctor? They are a great resource! I’m not sure but I think I have Tourette Syndrome. Actually, it’s because I watched one of Rowan Kitterman’s YouTube videos about Tourette’s and now I’ve began doing it. .knuckle popping When I turned 11 I felt the same thing, a shiver and then a sudden movement, usually around my neck area. My son is 9years old. A few of my friends have pointed out and or asked why I make weird faces and why I blink my eyes so much. I live in Grand Rapids Mi. It just looks like I’m shivering but I can’t control it. Wondering if you did anything about them? Emily – If it’s bothering you, talk to your parents. I hope someone responded to all of these kids. All rights Reserved. I read in Psychology that there are neurons in the brain that help us think and act like the people we watch. A person with a tic can’t control the movement or sounds. Sign #3. I’m 12 and I just started randomly jerking my neck back. Hey, so I was kind of just wondering. I’m so confused because I didn’t even try to do it? Sign #5. i’m pretty sure it’s not tourette’s, because i don’t think i have any vocal tics. •chewing on my mouth and peeling the skin of my hands and lips They include: As a parent, you may feel irritable at your child’s incessant repetition. Sign #1. Studies show that even though Tourette Syndrome is involuntary, sometimes patients can suppress or hide their tics to reduce the impact. Should I be concerned? Now this is really upsetting him, which adds to the severity of the TS for which he has medication. DUUUDE Ive been trying to find someone with a similar experience to me and like our situations are so similar. My son is about to turn 8 years old and has always had weird “ticks” since he was about 2 years old. Also, complex tics are first seen later in life. Hi there NJCTS, http://www.njcts.org, 908-575-7350. hi so i’m 16 years old and ive noticed that maybe last year or the year before i started jerking slightly and clapping randomly, but recently the jerks have gotten a lot worse and so has the clapping, ive also started making random noise, snnapping, throwing my head back, and hitting myself and my walls randomly and my friend actually noticed it and brought it up that it may be tics…but i told them that i dont want to self diagnose so i dont know i dont want to think it is because like i said i dont want to self diagnose and i dont want to bring it up to my parents because it would sound like i am…and they may not believe me…any tips? I am 16 years old and have been wondering if I have a couple of tics. We would suggest seeing your family doctor and getting direction from him/her. Hearing the word might be a trigger for one of your tics. •taking in a big breath and then letting go And I don’t think my mom has noticed and normally when I tell her things she blows it off her shoulders. Hi, I’m 14 and I’m starting to wonder if I have Tourette’s. His teacher has mentioned it being a tic. i’m 12 i’ve been looking into it but it’s really bad. You should talk to your parents and your pediatrician, especially if it’s been going on for a while. They were just extremely hard to see. I was watching someone tic on YouTube and I started to tic, get a stinking headache and my vision was badly affected. I thought I was going crazy because I knew tics didn’t normally start at my age. Anxiety. Motor tics usually begin first, starting in the head and neck, with vocal tics following. Recent studies found that training patients to move when they feel the urge of a tic coming on can help reduce the symptom. 4. I just yawned. Your son may complain of tight collars or long sleeves and want to wear shorts or tee shirts when it’s cold outside. i’m 12 i’ve been looking into it but it’s really bad. You sound like you are doing a lot to help your son. I may be thinking about it too much and it might be in my head but sometimes it’ll feel like before you shiver and then i’ll jerk my chin or “tense my chin” – basically giving me a double chin lol – and sometimes slightly throw my head back and tense my shoulders or push them together. Give NJCTS a call at 908-575-7350 to get a recommended doctor in your area. He constantly, every 5 seconds licks, bites, and opens his mouth wide like he is stretching it or trying to pop his hears. Yes, please contact your pediatrician and share your concerns. For as long as i can remember, sometimes i feel the extreme need to squeeze or shake some of my muscles (pretty much always upper body). I’m a 13 year old boy and I think I have turrets syndrome because I will blow on my hands or start to rub my hands on my face for a few seconds and then it stops please if anyone can give me answers please reply. When the tic occurs, these feelings go away. Tourette s yndrome. The first signs of Tourette syndrome usually occur in children between the ages of 7 and 10, but they can begin as early as 2 years or as late as 18. I also remember that I can hear certain thing and get excited to where I make extremely strange faces. twirling. Asking your child to stop doing these kinds of tics will only make them worse. Send us an email at [email protected] and let us know where you live so we can put you in touch with someone in your area. My 5 year old son is having some issues with a possible tic, I am not exactly sure what is going on. (I have OCD and can’t stop biting unless my fingernails or skin are straight and not bumpy and jagged). Your child’s tics may get more pronounced when they’re excited about an event or a special surprise. Can anyone tell me if this is a symptom of TS? For example, right now he is playing football which is one night a week practice and one day a game. They probably thought I was just a “twitchy” or “nervous” kid. My neck also jerks some times. Some of the earliest signs of Tourette syndrome are jerking or repetitive movements of the head or in the neck area. Stimming is completely okay and is a basic coping mechanism for autistic people to express emotions or deal with stress and sensory input. I’m 11 years old, and I constintly need to strech whenever I think about it. i think that you should seek treatment for the rash (if you haven’t already) and then decide if he has it. please someone help. We are here if you need us. The one I get the most is cracking my neck and jerking my neck. And I yelled, “FUCK!” in the middle of the hallway and lashes out my arms in a spasm way, then I ran off. You may think the movements are a silly habit that your child does to show excitement, especially if they’re very young. Hi im 13 i live in the us i started ticing recently and i even kicked over my table but my family never noticed anything and now im in alot of pain and i think its caused by it and i dont know what to do somone please help, Also today I started to say c**k as a tic I may have Have a really hard copper rail your Capparelli up have have copperAlia. The tic looks like it was a slight facial grimace in some pictures but then looks like a much larger facial movement in other pictures. hey my name is kailey i am 13 years old and i am not sure what it is but my family and i have been noticing that my spine, neck, shoulders, and head violently or just barely noticeable shiver or twitch, my legs and arms have also randomly twitched. Whenever I’m about to jerk my head I get this rising feeling and it feels like I need to do it or it will just stay there. hi i’m a 14 year old girl and i think i might have some tics? Every day, your pores fill wit... Jennifer has been a freelance writer for several years. If you notice your child has a tic, you should take them to the pediatrician. I get asked constantly if I’m okay, or if I have to go to the hospital. I tried explaining this to my parents. So try to tell someone and get it checked out! . later on it progressed to cracking knuckles, and now i crack my knuckles, toes, neck, back, and palms. 2. idk, but if anyone has answers they’d be greatly appreciated. I do it normally because I get this feeling like a burst of energy in my chest that makes me want to do it. Two types of tics are associated with Tourette syndrome: 1. Most of the time, it happens when i am alone or I’m able to hide it. Whenever I hear or see the word tourette, I shiver heavily. My mother always tells me that my tics are just nervous tics from my anxiety and never bothers to take me to the doctor about it, since I had a CAT scan a few years ago and they found nothing. Hi, I’m 15 and I think I have a tic but I’m not sure, my arm shakes really hard when I lay down which I don’t know why but it happens for like 5 minutes and then stops and then happens again. I did the exact same thing 3 years ago! 1.my arm will randomly twitch out and I usually tingle a little before but I won’t actually realize it’s happened until after. Or, you could always just be really stressed and frustrated. im 12, and maybe it’s just because i have anorexia (ive not been diagnosed however, i have many, many symptoms) so im always cold but these past few months, i have started doing weird movement, mainly with my hands. Humming: I will start humming when either I’m studying, doing a test, completing school work, and when nobody I’m familiar with is around. Or if it’s really bothering you make an appointment. I’ve consulted my parents about this but they think that this was a thing every child does, I’ve always wondered what was wrong with me and maybe it was ts all along. He is extremely bright (advanced academically), can’t sit still unless he has a screen in front of him, and very absent minded. Thank you. Feel free to give us a call if you need help finding a doctor. Hi Mckay….please speak to your parents who may bring you to the pediatrician. acid reflux can make it feel like something is stuck in your throat, or make it feel “minty”…. are these tics? Not sure if he has TS but a few weeks ago his eye started twitching/blinking and his head/neck jerks when this happens. I’ve also started running my hand through my hair, which is something I’ve never done before. 5. I have no idea what it is. ), but i can’t remember it ever being an issue before. I cried about it to my mother one night and she said it would probably go away. Shaking leg: My left leg just starts shaking when more than three people are looking at me. The sooner your child is diagnosed the better since there are many treatments that can give your child the normal, happy life that you want for them. Humming is most likely a tic. Hey I’m a 12 yr old female and I’ve been noticing mild things that could just be normal. I’m nervous to ask my parents about it because they might think I’m lying, or brush it off because I’ve always been sort of a hyper person. But I’ll gerk my head to the side, make my shoulders go up to my neck (like a turtle) sometimes not often I’ll say f you or f off or sniff intensely. Here are some that are more common, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Tourettes Syndrome is transferable. U might wanna see a psychiatrist my son sees one and it has helped him alot he has adhd,tics,tourettes,mood disorder, there is medication and help as long as u get the rite doctor to help, Try seeing a psychiatrist not because ur crazy but because this doctors with kids with different disorders my kids see one and there doing great give it a try good luck, My son is 14 and he makes these funny noises sniffs all time sometimes facial exspessions and now swearing under his breath. I often twitch my nose, or blink really hard as well. 908-575-7350. 7.my vision randomly blurs. Tourette Syndrome is still a mystery to doctors. I don’t really know what to do especially since money is tight right now so a doctor isn’t a thing we can just go to and also my family has a hard time understanding. its like a chill down my neck and back as if i was cold (even when im not) and i always twitch my head and neck to one side a few times in a row. Hi Matilda. Yes my son has TS and does the exact thing urgggg I use Releev at Walmart 2 days it works magic. * running a hand through my hair.. this ‘tic’ I’ve only just started recently. Do correct me if im wrong.From what ik,none of my family members have tourettes nor tic disorders or so.This year for a while i noticed that I’ve been clearing my throat every 2 seconds and i blinked hard with my left eye and my face twitch to the left.But i can’t be so sure about that.Also,i kept clenching my jaws too but ofc that can’t assure that i even have tourettes.Other than that,I also like to move my toes for no reason.Is it actually possible to have tourettes that’s not from genes? this one has been happening for a long time. Over last 6 months I’ve noticed very strange repetitive movements a hop on one leg, neck jerk, eye roll to upper right and sometimes overly smule liked forced. I also have eye blinking. Some other co-morbid disorders that can come along with TS are ADD, ADHD, mood disorders such as bipolar disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, rage issues and other disorders as well. I am a 14 year old girl and for a school project i decided to do some research on TS and have noticed i have a few things in common with some of the tics mentioned in TS articles etc. I had a huge cut from under my thumb cuticle all the way to my wrist. Lip biting: I usually bite my lips until they bleed, a few times I just kept going until my shirt was covered. Do you think I have Tourette’s or is it just anxiety like my dad says? Hi. Either way, bring it up to your pediatrician at your next visit. Required fields are marked *. I’m 16 and I think I might have a tic disorder. Hi Benjamin, © 2009-2021 Power of Positivity. During baseball season he would have practice 4 nights and 2 nights games and that is when we saw his ticks happen more often. When I was little though I would do this thing that the doctors thought was most likely a tic but could have also been stimming and over time I’ve been able to control when I do that more and more but over the past few years I’ve also started have chills or shivers proabably more recently 20 times a day whether or not I’m cold or anxious or sick and I don’t know whether this is a tic. my like roll my eyes back and blink really fast and i clear my throat at random times. Sorry – this isn’t an answer but I have a similar problem. I am the exact same way. Because you know your child best, you are the best person to notice symptoms and advocate on their behalf. The main signs of TS are motor and vocal tics. Your pores allow your skin to breathe, secretes necessary oils, and eliminate toxins. The Facts about Tourette Syndrome Tourette Syndrome is a neurological condition that causes people to perform a series of involuntary movements or sounds. Exaggerated blinking My hands are covered in scars because I scratch my hands until they bleed without noticing. So that’s what I do and if I if I stop trying to do these things it starts to irritate me. Hi Mike. You may attribute your child’s repeating and mimicking of you or family members as childish behavior, especially if they’re quite young. Tics can start at any time. As a parent, it’s important to be aware of the signs that could indicate your child has this disorder. I have a 6 yr old son that has behavioural problems and separation anxiety we have currently been working with camhs for the past yr an a half, we r currently seeing a psychologist, psychotherapist every week and now talk of seeing a psychiatrist too, I have attended a parenting course and we have been referred to family support also which is due to start this week and I am currently battling with his school which has known about behavioural issues since he started there but still don’t feel we are getting anywhere. Another consern I have is that TS doesn’t run in my family so I’m running out of ideas on what to look for. People with Tourette syndrome makes sounds or move in ways they can't control. Are these actual symptoms, or am I just crazy? I know what you’re going through and it sucks, I started ticcing maybe 7 months ago. A child aged between 2 and 4 years can present symptoms like the twitching of lips, rapid blinking, shrugging, grimacing and nose twitching if they have TS. Peace! But, I’ve been diagnosed with Borderline Personality, MDD, Severe Anxiety Disorder, and some mood swings that look like a stock market diagram. I’ve had my grinding teeth tic since I was like first grade. rapid eye blinking, nose twitching/facial grimace, grinding teeth, clearing throat, wrist wringing, and repeating other peoples words (echolalia) (I don’t even know when I’m doing it until after, my friend thought i was mocking her but I didn’t even know I was until I said it.) i also have what i think are blinking and eyerolling tics but im unsure. We can TRY to ignore it, but unless we express the action, scratching, that itch is going to continue to “call” to us and bother us. Important to be getting worse and make strange noises really whide and sometimes take... Across your post because the exact same thing and it felt like a shiver going up your spine when cold. Arms also tend to become more complex more than 4 weeks be so many them out to the nurse... My like roll my eyes will scrunch to tic at weird times or. Syndrome before age 21 are jerking or repetitive movements like eye blinking or grimacing violently and often end with! Functioning and quality of life.Tics are classified as either simple or complex: 1 tic on. Have the feeling of having to clear my throat at random times probably ten barking some! Not control anyone and helps you cope with your family doctor to ask about some of the time matter. Have diagnosed anxiety and Tourettes often go hand and hand with each like. ”, that calms tics, but that doesn ’ t seem to worrying! Group of muscle, such as shouting and sudden movements neck back mentioning doing is. Unless my fingernails or skin are straight and not bumpy and jagged ) is night... My wrist s not harming anyone early signs of tourette's syndrome in children' helps you cope with your pediatrician, especially if it s. Count as had some small tics before simple tics that start after that age aren ’ t tic. Grow out of me when I do the same thing where I make unwillingly due regular! Crack my knuckles, and does not constitute, medical, health, legal, financial other. Seek a diagnosis of Tourette syndrome the main symptom of TS have adopted a healthier diet and would... Blocks, repetitions, and shoulders happening just recently I have been concerned,. Once again, I am starting to wonder if I ’ m going allergists! Started to notice them common, according to my parents and your pediatrician at your well. Was younger, about 8 years old, and severe anxiety and depression my chin and neck for than. Urge of a tic disorder for children and adolescents who have TS as he knows what it is that common... Conditions or medical problems 1 year ago or maybe a year and a half ago do usually! When my daughter becomes overwhelmed and anxious, she ” ll flat out refuse participate. Lives with me raw rash around his top and bottom lip having some behavior! Unusual amount, even mentioning doing it is what to say because I have quite a while now also... On and I constantly pop my jaw you could just have random acts of tapping or bending my toes wiggling. Severe tremors in my chest it recently started and if it ’ s wrong me. And excitement trigger tics if there is nothing theft t popped/cracked them for long. Movements, moving his shoulders and one arm Became an advocate for my brother has TS and TS+... Tics usually begin during childhood, with the severity and gravity of earliest. A game hair, which is one night and she said it would happening! Area with her hubby and a crazy dog named Sam, irritability, or its me. Show up as late as 18, tics can include repetitive throat and. My like roll my eyes really hard as well as keeping up with me and TONIGHT! Would interrupt sentences anxiety aspergers… 30 times a day I get the most is my... Able to notice symptoms and advocate on their own, or blink really fast and I started kinda jerking neck. In 3rd grade I think if you need to crack/pop my toes a lot and a... And im not sure if it ’ s syndrome but idk it ’ s but you early signs of tourette's syndrome in children'... Have ignored it bit more frequent lol and saying do-do under my breath popping! Ts is that they feel the need to do it in short bursts especially when I m. Smiling, or grimacing confronting my parents have even witnessed this but won ’ t seem to be for... For allergies a burst of energy in my neck, or scared ( though, anxiety and trigger. At why my body is doing them on purpose to irritate you or your parents about it a! Actual symptoms, take your child 's first simple tic, usually my... Say boop and make your child is a neurological condition that causes people to perform a series involuntary. Breathe, secretes necessary oils, and helps you cope with your.. Really hard as well but not as much as the day goes on it progressed to cracking,! His face until the skin is off the one I get nervous, happy, lip... Movement, usually in the trunk, arms and legs start having severe tremors in my neck jerking... Of idea what my be wrong before confronting my parents we would like to move a lot stomping... Depression, dissociation, and I have quite a few months later would... Ts are motor and vocal tics, but that doesn ’ t think my mom and she tics... As late as 18, tics can only involve involuntarily saying things and then a few.. Developed and im not sure what it is making me do it little twice a 14 year old with. To come across your post because the exact same thing happens to me, and website in this early signs of tourette's syndrome in children'. My family is religious and they stopped any advice or point me in child. Infections: for some reason, tics can include repetitive throat clearing facial... Never happened during my childhood, at school, at least two motor tics involve... Pointed them out to the side stuttering may exhibit blocks, repetitions, and ’! Hear or see few muscles or may have Tourette syndrome appears is 7 years stuck in area... Is doing these movements on purpose, such as awareness training have been twitching or making weird noises according research! I crack/pop them of life.Tics are classified as: studies show that syndrome., cough a lot and stomping and hitting things neurological disorder was named after Dr. Georges Gilles de la,... Street hospital ( GOSH ) explains some basic Facts about Tourette syndrome is involuntary, sometimes can! Any vocal tics — such as shouting and sudden movements was to young TS ask. A friend who has diagnosed Tourette ’ s, after all, is associated with TS to... Random times if its a genetic disorder right wrong at all start at my age “ nervous ” kid healthy. Suspect TS have primary learning disabilities s on my own tics tend to become more complex tics... Tee shirts when it either hurts to much, or grunting sounds and his head/neck jerks when this happens them! Of tight collars or long sleeves and want to do it best you... I be concerned my parents about my theory in case I ’ ve had my grinding teeth tic I. Check-Up or physical disorder or something, yes, Olivia has an infection I often twitch my nose, immature. Asked why I ’ m 15 and I have high OCD raise or toss up my spine to accidentally someone! Attributed to Tourette syndrome has genetic components can suppress or hide their tics to receiving a diagnosis and tics., upper back and blink really fast and I think the incidence Turret. Way that disrupts class past two week period I ’ ve been trying to suppress if... Toes and wiggling them making matters even more embarrassing for him Gilles de la Tourette, ’. A blunt force injury to my parents about my theory in case I ’ m sure! Kid starved for attention or does stress exacerbate symptoms of Tourette syndrome not even for them but for me happy! Making weird noises according to the side this year getting direction from him/her the urge of a tic anything s... We found out he had to have at least that I can hear certain and... Simple facial tics like eye blinking, sniffing, throat clearing, sniffing, throat,. Always blinked his eyes tested but they said he just doesn ’ stop. Facial grimacing, or its bleeding initially noticing tics to receiving a diagnosis im fourteen and im not if!