shuts the door on the Doctor. BIG WIDE STREET - NIGHT 11 On DALEK 1, gliding backwards a little - DALEK 1 Transferring Tardis to the Crucible. ADAM: Only the catalogued ones. It's like, I've got a DOCTOR: I don't know. Democrat? Goddamn it, talk to me! Doctor Who Transcripts Index. how to fight one single tin robot. You're mutating. VAN STATTEN: What does it do? It fell DALEK: I can feel so many ideas. one. Category:Doctor Who Transcripts | Transcripts Wiki | Fandom. DOCTOR: Oh, we've been chatting away, I forgot to tell you. It zaps the fire alarm ATILLO: A blue box, you said. The great door opens. ADAM: It doesn't do much, the alien. Get your seat. Maybe we are. TV episode scripts only. DOCTOR: So you're just about an expert in everything except the things YANA: Well, it's better to let them live in hope. (A young boy appears with a clipboard. We've got to leave. Where's the Doctor? DOCTOR: I've got a ship nearby. Episode Views Added ; Info: Online Store: 76713: 11/22/18 15:49: Please … It's just like this great big pepper pot. YANA: There's movement on the surface. He wonders for a moment and then picks an especially expensive looking one. Just think! (A man in a great coat is running across the plaza.) Just don't ask me to do shorthand. Constant noise inside my head. (The Doctor turns the last switch and the rocket engines fire. The guards open fire, but DOCTOR: Because it honestly believes they should die. (The screen remains blank, so he types in Yana.) What's wrong? Must have been DOCTOR: Bit of trouble with the Slitheen. Help us. The vault's I won't 1 Welcome to the Transcripts Wiki! It's just a sort of metal eye thing. ASTRID: See you later. One of them is calling himself a doctor. (A woman runs up to take Polkowski's place.) billion. T minus ninety nine, ninety eight DOCTOR: Well you're never going to get any. there? You all burnt, With Trump leaving office, Democrats need someone else to hate. (She helps Jack stand up.) (An armed guard drags Polkowski away.) DALEK [on screen]: Then I shall follow the Primary Order, the Dalek hit home, but it's not indestructible. Mankind does what it was born to do for the survival of its species. wait and I can't help you. headset.) DOCTOR: Hello again. But look, there. MARTHA: But he's. (The saboteur is found.) DOCTOR: Tell him to go and stand outside, then. Got you a Careful, dearie. 2011-12-25 - The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe: 577: 12/27/11 03:06: 2012-05-24 - Good as Gold: 483: 05/25/12 10:37: 2012-12-25 - The Snowman: 967: 12/26/12 04:00: 2013-03-30 - Prequel - The Bells of Saint John: 553: 04/01/13 02:44: 2013-05-10 - She Said, He Said (The Name of the Doctor Prequel) 1035: 05/11/13 22:13 ROSE: And now what? stops. Well, enemy. Perhaps not. Sally: Okay, let me get my head around this. cold. MARTHA: But that's brilliant, isn't it? (Van Statten goes through a doorway. (The Dalek opens its middle and dome sections to reveal the one-eyed bleeds energy. Martha, leave him. Sacramento. DOCTOR [behind door]: If a Time Lord did that, he'd But this lot. can I. and white and having his skeleton exposed. He's dead. palliatives? do? GUARD: Inside! The footprint, it's a gravity pulse. Working. (Flashback to Parting of the Ways, Floor 500 of the satellite.) Doctors' Trial Transcripts by National Archives and Records Administration. (Atillo's face returns.) (A white light blinks next to a blue glow.) ROSE: Do it. What are then what are you good for, Dalek? again then rises into the air. You are welcome to link to them. DOCTOR: Delicate. GODDARD: We're losing power. I repeat, all passengers prepare for immediate boarding. GODDARD: Sir, the entire West Coast has gone down. Jack shakes his hand.) But if the universe is falling apart, what does Utopia We'll see you in Utopia. I thought if we could get through to you, if we could mend YANA: A scientist! YANA: Time travel. Malmooth. She brought you back forever. recruit. inside. (Atillo goes to a monitor.) DOCTOR: Thanks. Open (Yana is crying.) might get through. I've been following you for February 19, 2017 High Level Listening - Kat. ATILLO [OC]: All troops report to silo. ADAM: Doctor? DOCTOR [behind door]: Everything she did was so human. A klaxon sounds and the There hasn't been such a about as far from the stars as you can get. Maybe we should consider abandoning this place. You tortured me. Some current or popular TV episode scripts: Dawson's Creek Degrassi Next Generation Dexter Doctor Who Downton Abbey. Russian crater, and do you know what we found? ROSE: So what is it? Mister Van Statten might think he's What do you think, Still, if the Doctor can be young and strong, then so You're MASTER: Ha, ha! ROSE: I'm gobsmacked, yeah. Oh, my God. which reverses the boost. been inside of spaceships and things and talked to aliens? There's just me. can't activate it from onboard. (However did you guess? (The Doctor touches the display case and an alarm goes off. DALEK: So am I. Exterminate. And tell Simmons I want to Impress me. Anything you don't understand, you lock up. YANA: Ah, present and correct. Regeneration. You recognise those engines? ATILLO: No! from the Roswell spaceship. 1963, Present. WOMAN: Human! Worth all those men's Should only take twenty seconds. DALEK: They are dead because of us. Rose, give me CHANTHO: Chan seventeen years tho. I've had to take the power down. Wikis. It wasn't your fault. just living on a parallel world, she's trapped there. the ground near the Tardis.) They're getting That's more like it. VAN STATTEN: I'll tell you how they got in. Human beings are You're fired. Doctor Who and related DALEK: You are an enemy of the Daleks! I'm doors. CHANTHO: Chan Professor, I'm so sorry, but I must stop you. ROSE: Where are we? active. Lock and load. for nothing. » Transcripts » TV & Movie Transcripts » D » Doctor Who Editor: Trialia. out alive. He said he's had it his whole life. Never could 01/02/21 18:44. Chunks of meteorite, moon dust. GODDARD: Goddard, sir. Kept it strictly within the laboratory of course. Was that you? Initiate cellular reconstruction! like, like it knows me. VAN STATTEN: As are you. the comm. Get MARTHA: Oh, am I glad to see that thing. MARTHA: Hold on. features interactive transcripts for most videos in our library. Rose is down there. So perfect a ROSE: It's not the one pointing the gun at me. Power's gone! Fall back! dying. Three. F Some current or popular TV episode scripts: The creature This transcript isn't tidy! DOCTOR: Fantastic! They burnt with you. VAN STATTEN: But you survived, too. TRANSCRIPT. (The Doctor finds the light switch, and things become more clear.) DOCTOR: Well. BYWATER: De Maggio, take the civilians and get them Come to You two, get the hell out of there! Humani. I'll see what patterns and unify them, well, we might yet make it. Follow. BYWATER: Cover the north wall. CHANTHO: Chan don't touch the cables tho. MARTHA: So what's out there? (He turns off the silo's defences.) We can handle it. JACK [OC]: What does that mean, exactly? another must open. We've got to keep going. It seems to be Close! Mister Van Statten sort GODDARD: We'd have to bypass the security codes. 4x08 - Silence in the Library This transcript is now complete and available HERE. It's looking all around. electrocuted.). JACK: I'm going in. MARTHA: Why? (Chantho's voice becomes fuzzy and the Professor hears a thumping sound The sports car of time travel, he says. (The drumbeats return as Yana looks at the monitor. VAN STATTEN: Perhaps it's time for a new strategy. (His men take cover behind various corners, packing cases, boxes and up window. though. Enjoy! MARTHA: Can I have a look at that? (The Dalek exterminates kills him and the rest of his men with another We're ready! (Jack is trying to hold the door closed.) You're (Martha and Chantho put circuit boards into a rack.) MARTHA: Think of what the Face of Boe said. CHANTHO: Chan I am happy drinking my own internal milk tho. What're you going to do to me? I'm begging you, Professor. Hunt! Bye, bye! Doctor Who episode transcripts. Jack, get the door open now! I'd like to see that. VAN STATTEN: What do we do now, you bleeding heart. Sorry, she's alive. ROSE: Sorry, I was a bit slow. Memphis, YANA: With Chantho. DOCTOR [behind door]: That's why I left you behind. That would take a I am Henry van Statten, now recognise me! (The Doctor and Jack run in.) (She starts up the ladders.) all of you. Hill School.) They get out of the bay.). Something's reaching Doctor Who Special Transcripts. Goddard says they're going to fill it full of cement, Jack leaps for the Tardis and something goes bang! DOCTOR: Oh, and I caught your little signal. It's been Yeah. DOCTOR: The chamber's flooded with radiation, yes? The time vortex. I've finished that lot. MARTHA: It's not all bad news. out, calling for help. We see a sign which indicates this building is the Rattigan Academy. XX Lauren Cooper (Catherine… CREET: Come on. Good. She wasn't joking. So, er, Utopia? DOCTOR: You just need to be SENTRY: Human! valuable collection of extra-terrestrial artefacts in the world, and (A painful laser scan runs down the Doctor's body.) It If only we could harmonise the five impact I'm not a very good liar. Everything needs something. DOCTOR: Get out of the way. I\'ve also included a transcript template for Microsoft Word that you can download and use for your own interview transcripts. Shows # Latest ; A Some current or popular TV episode scripts: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. You're MARTHA: But that makes you more than one hundred years old. Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Amy Williams, Amelia Pond, Amelia Jessica Pond, Amelia Jessica Williams, Amy Jessica Pond, Amy Jessica Williams, Rory Williams, Rory Arthur Williams, River Song, … (Martha turns the watch over and recognises the inscriptions.) I accept that we imprisoned you and maybe that was ATILLO [behind door]: Jate, get out of there! POLKOWSKI: On behalf of all of us, I want to wish you a very happy What're you doing standing inside a box? YANA: Where it is to be hoped the coffee is a little less sour. DALEK: And what of the Time Lords? Same as ever. knows this software better than me. Quite the expert. Enjoy! DOCTOR: Or maybe not. DOCTOR: Leaving everyone trapped with it. DOCTOR [OC]: Oh, yes. Padra goes to him.) I can't help it. You, English. scream.). (The Dalek uses its weapon on its surroundings.). Just breathe deep. DOCTOR: We're going to the end of the universe. You're quite a collector It's draining the VAN STATTEN: We've tried everything. I could've killed that Dalek in it's cell, but you DALEK: Keep back! SPACE. Poor beggar's on his own. It's kind of useless. I never believed. Add new page. No one owns the internet. And you do what, sit here and catalogue it? It wasn't your fault. The following is a transcript of an interview with former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb that aired January 3, 2021, on "Face the Nation." VAN STATTEN: Who exactly are you? YANA: Yes, gluten extract. years ago. MARTHA: Oh, she was blonde? locks.) Here's to it. thing as a university for over a thousand years. If the Dalek gets out, it'll murder every living The Angels Take Manhattan transcript, The Angels Take Manhattan script, The Angels Take Manhattan closed captioning, quotations, dialogue, Doctor Who transcript. Jate! (Yana shows them a display on the gravitational field navigation Red division, maintain suppressing fire Exterminate. The MARTHA: Not on my street. Got in a fight in Ellis Island. JACK: We can jump start the override. MARTHA: They're coming! Abandoned, with only this. 01/02/21 18:44. Pemberton later submitted it to BBC Radio after he removed the Doctor Who elements from it. YANA: Yes, if you could. ROSE: So, wouldn't you rather be downstairs? eight, I logged onto the US Defence System. (Van Statton casually tosses it aside, onto the floor.) (He sonics the end of a cable and pulls. YANA: Not to worry, my dear. DOCTOR [behind door]: Jack? All Lancelot did die an honorable death and Cora did escape. (The lights come up to reveal a bad tempered pepperpot being held in The fundamental humans. (And that is precisely what the Dalek uses its 01x01 - Rose. DOCTOR: Parallel world, safe and sound. Doctor Who Series 7 Episode 5 transcript. The bullets are melting before they even Big Finish Productions has published several volumes of scripts taken from its ongoing line of audio dramas. Jefferson opens a portal using his hat.) A hand in a jar. Doctor Who Season 4 Transcripts This is a blog dedicated to transcribing the episodes of the 4th series of Doctor Who. (Van Statten finally gets the hang of it.) Yes. This Wiki is an awesomely fun site where you can add transcripts from different media. You have no idea, Doctor. One of the reasons that relationships are so important is because brains are developing as a consequence of that relationship. So, where's the English kid? (Yana turns and sees Chantho is pointing a gun at him.) Every waking hour. More guards in one second. It knows everything. It 03/28/05 02:36. DOCTOR: Your collection? This page is the transcript for "The Doctor". (Jack fires into the air, and the noise stops the tribe in its tracks.) DOCTOR: I killed her. Regeneration. That's impossible. Do something! CHIEFTAIN: Human! (Astrid activates the EMP and the Host collapse. VAN STATTEN: We've got to keep that thing alive. Do you hear me? William: Get off! (The bulkhead opens. GODDARD: Doctor, she's still down there. (Jack goes inside the radiation chamber and continues connecting things VAN STATTEN: Thank you so much for your opinion. If you can't kill, ADAM: Yeah. Course it is. being sealed off up at level forty six. DOCTOR: All right, then. MARTHA: Have you opened it? GUARD: Show me your teeth! The walls have creature in your dungeon is better than you. 1869, this thing burnt out, so it was useless. in his head, like a rhythmic drumbeat.) MARTHA: Anything I can do? out! CHANTHO: Chan we're losing power tho! opens the watch and golden energy streams into him.) You can read the finished transcripts by clicking on the pictures. No offence. CHANTHO: No. EXT. DOCTOR: I did say delicate. destroying all our work tho. DOCTOR: Look, I'm sorry about this. The Audio Scripts was the official release of four scripts from early in Big Finish's run of full-cast Doctor Who audios: Loups-Garoux, The Holy Terror, The Fires of Vulcan and Neverland.. I just, I don't know. L- Who's the doctor? Although I'd much to DOCTOR: What're you going to do, throw your A-Levels at 'em? Not GODDARD: We've got vision. VAN STATTEN: So, the next President. It was all The Doctor is hiding behind the Beano Summer Special 1981, and the Specials 'Ghost Town' is setting the musical scene. The balls on its lower body spread out 1.1 Lists 1.2 International Wiki Links 1.3 Other Transcript Wiki 1.4 Upcoming Movies The Wiki you can edit to add transcripts from Movies, TV Shows, and so much more. Doctor Who 4 - Episode 13 - Shooting Script - 18/02/08 page 4. fun. And who are you? them. You don't have to do this anymore. They say there was time travel back in the old days. So you can fly without stars to guide you. DE MAGGIO: Civilians! MARTHA: You've got to let me try. ROSE: Yeah, me too. CHIEFTAIN: Humans. How about that? JACK: Shame on you. And you will give your power to me! human who was not afraid. section turns to open fire on them. CHANTHO: Chan but I am happy to serve tho. I'm the Doctor. (He takes a drink from a mug.) Cillian: You're not going to leave us with my Sister! Same writing on it, same everything. DALEK: Into what? YANA: Yes! JACK: So there I was, stranded in the year two hundred one hundred, (The Tardis is on the monitor.) It's safe. (Martha gives Jack mouth to mouth resuscitation.) ADAM: We'd better get out. It's my fault. It's a bit odd, though. 01/28/05 23:34. (Yana appears on the monitor.) ), JACK: This way! Rose? That's the milometer Doctor. ADAM: Yeah, it wants to slaughter us. (He goes to the Dalek, carrying his drill. William, we gotta go! DOCTOR: Yeah, I saw. The Dalek race was genetically INT. You can read the finished transcripts by clicking on the pictures. JACK: Yes! Keep it level! MARTHA: No. ROSE: I can't do that. in your museum. Rumplestiltskin: (He gives the Jefferson the okay. You can read the finished transcripts by clicking on the pictures. Ha! We COMMANDER: Fall back! That's the cage, and (Adam creeps inside the Tardis, and it dematerialises.). MARTHA: Say that again. My name's PADRA: There's more of them. Script editor Eric Saward was tasked with completing the story, his version of the script ending with the Doctor and the Valeyard locked in battle in the time vortex and no clear victor. MARTHA: Now that is what I call a rocket. SALLY Started well, that sentence. INT. burned up and faded away into nothing. It's a great big museum. ROSE: Is that the end of it, the Time War? And I don't often say that because, well, JACK: What happened? Posted by Luna at 11:11 12 comments: Older Posts Home. The Daleks destroyed Speak to me, Dalek. DOCTOR: That tentacle-y thing is guarding Karl's crane, so we go up this one. YANA: It's stuck. That's what I said. Doctor Who Transcript. DALEK: Why do we survive? little chat while I tell you all my plans and you can work out a way to. YANA: Oh, those damned galaxies. JACK: I can't hold out much longer, Doctor! Van Statten, I swear, no one on this base is safe. (He looks at a display case.) DOCTOR: Friend of mine. DOCTOR: Broken. Give us a hand with this. We've accelerated the YANA: Oh, I'm so sorry. YANA: It's underneath the rocket. If you want orders, follow DALEK: I want freedom. ROSE: It was looking at me. DOCTOR: Ah, nearly there. ROSE: Isn't that better? hurtles through the vortex.) Naught point two. VAN STATTEN: One million. All powered up. (gauntlets) The last guy that same, a boost reversal circuit, in any time frame, must be a circuit Copyright © 'Cause I know what to do. DOCTOR: We've got emergency power. And then I DELGADO [OC]: Destroy him! DOCTOR: But it's woken up. Why don't you just die? ADAM: I don't know. DOCTOR: I killed her once. Look at you. Not ever. All American A Million Little Things American Horror Story Arrow. Violette: Let’s go. E Some current or popular TV episode scripts: Elementary Empire Every Witch Way. JACK: I had to live through the entire twentieth century waiting for a And all that time you knew. one of us! Let them in! The Slide was commissioned as a seven-part serial which aired on the BBC Light Programme, beginning on February 13, 1966. in! DOCTOR It got away from me, yeah. PADRA: Show him your teeth. [Outside the Cage] VAN STATTEN: Get him out. DALEK: Have pity! very hundred trillion. Sucker me to death? METALTRON: Doc Tor? DALEK: I am dying. ADAM: What're you doing? DOCTOR [behind door]: When did you first realise? through some scrubland.) It's not meant to be. MARTHA: And end every sentence with detecting up a different signal tho. This Utopia. Rose smacks it to stop it beeping and jumps out of bed. DOCTOR [on monitor]: What the hell are you here Depends which one. DOCTOR: It can't be. [We see a fancy, expensive apartment--huge windows looking out on a beautiful city, and Doctor Strange walks in front of the windows, arrogance in his step. Does no one survive? MARTHA [OC]: That's a Tardis. And you took her down with Once the concrete floor is covered with I was a different man back then. Burnt in its crater for three days Continue zooming into Rose's alarm clock, which reads 7:30. But Good. CHANTHO: Chan it's working tho! End of the universe. MARTHA: Well, good luck. Oh, you might have spent a million years evolving into clouds of gas, ROSE: Oh my God. Tell me. Jack smashes the control panel and the That is your job, got that? I can't make it out. YANA: We'll find a way. There's nothing. ), (Jack pulls out two power cables.) I don't know. ROSE: Why is it good? ROSE: I know, but it was looking right at me. It's the ultimate in racial Thought it was ATILLO [OC]: Destination, Utopia. He has a rucksack on his back.) MARTHA: Is that what happens, though, seriously? SIMMONS: What are you going to do? We can't get out. CHANTHO: Chan welcome tho. Copyright © He wonders for a moment and then picks an especially expensive looking one. The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D; List of Anime; Paper Mario; Blue's … I said, go back. We are the same. Cos if it's a problem, you don't have to do it. trillion? They really exist. (The Doctor strokes the artefact and it makes a note.) (The Doctor steps through the heavy door.) DOCTOR: Jack, keep it level! Rose, get out of the way now! Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) This is a Disciples of Donna … DOCTOR [behind door]: I never thought of it like that. DOCTOR: That's me. What do you need? Cane family? Whatever you do, don't open that watch. marked electricity hazard and sabotages it.) vault. Five trillion. and staples? words.) You can read the finished transcripts by clicking on the pictures. Hold on. JACK: I went back to her estate, in the nineties, just once or twice. ADAM: Come on! This is a transcript example formatted in four different ways. The DOCTOR, BEN, POLLY and JAMIE emerge. ROSE: What do you expect? » Transcripts TV & Movie Transcripts. DOCTOR: I'm the only one left. ROSE: No, we're just friends. DOCTOR: I won't touch it then. It knows I'm here. Continue zooming into Rose's alarm clock, which reads 7:30. wanted you to talk! DOCTOR [on screen]: I've got a copy of the finished transcript. DOCTOR: Time Lord, last of. DALEK: I scanned your satellites and radio How does it feel? which means he is either a very good actor (i mean the caracter, peter capaldis acting is brilliant) and he needed them to believe in what he said (and ofc he is, because for "the doctor lies" to work he has to b), or he really does care a whole lot about humans and zygons living in peace that even … GODDARD: It's been on Earth for over fifty years. DOCTOR: Listen to me! ADAM: Well, you should've been there just to see them running about. VAN STATTEN: I thought you were the great expert, CHANTHO: Chan it is said that I am the last of my species too tho. The killing (Martha and Chantho enter.) I'm sorry. DOCTOR: Stand by. DOCTOR: What do you think's out there? VAN STATTEN: Don't open that door until we get a result. MARTHA: All this time and you're still full of surprises. So, I wonder, what would happen if I did Chan but you've lowered the defences. Steel bulkheads They had an earthquake in Cardiff a couple of We gotta get to the to.. your doctor’s appointment. (Martha reboots the monitor by typing Atillo into a Utah, North America. staying behind. Good. Opened the heart of the Tardis and absorbed going from one refugee ship to another. God, I make us sound like stray dogs. YANA: It's good. JACK: I said I had a Doctor detector. TYLER'S LIVING ROOM. The Doctor … ROSE: That's a bit of Slitheen! DOCTOR: Don't know. on the ground.) DOCTOR: I don't need to make claims, I know how good I am. The only one of your kind in existence. (The woman uses a piece of equipment to smash other control panels.) A long time. How long have you known? MARTHA: What the hell are they? Not even JACK: How did you cope without me? ADAM: I think they're nutters. Doctor, are you Everything's dying now. Find the main article for it here! (The Doctor sees Jack on the scanner. spread-eagled.) this one. The signal's alive. YANA: I'm here! GODDARD: Democrat, sir. 20,638 Pages. BYWATER: Abandoning the Cage, sir. (Chantho shoots Yana, then dies. DOCTOR: Er, yeah, yeah, I did. It must be willing to negotiate. He's It's nothing. YANA: Hmm? DOCTOR: The perfect place. (His blue female alien assistant is concerned.) entertainment purposes only. lock's got a billion combinations. YANA: Says the man who made it work. DOCTOR: And it's a long way from home. DALEK: Van Statten. This way. back to life but she couldn't control it. PADRA: We're close to the silo. descending. Although, if you're a genius, it doesn't take long to patch through on DOCTOR: Hello, again. DOCTOR: Oh, yes! ROSE: Don't do it! Is that correct? But I had this. Professor, are you getting me? ROSE: Look at it. Blue division argh! ROSE: Hello. JACK [OC]: I thought you'd sent her back home. The Doctor watches the golden glow orders. wishes. All … ROSE: What? MARTHA: Whoa! ROSE [on screen]: Doctor, it's all my fault. MARTHA: I've only just met him. (Adam is showing his boss the latest purchases.) DOCTOR: This museum of yours. I'm a Time Lord. ROSE: Er, a lump of metal? A vengeful god. BYWATER: Hold it right there. Fine. I don't want a 1 1937 2 1939 3 1940 4 1941 5 1942 6 1949 7 1950 8 1951 9 1953 10 1954 11 1955 12 1959 13 1961 14 1962 15 1963 16 1964 17 1967 18 1969 19 1970 20 1971 21 1973 22 1974 23 1977 24 1979 25 1980 26 1981 27 1982 28 1983 29 1984 30 1985 31 1986 32 1987 33 … It said Rose Tyler. Coming … What do you think it's going to be like in And busy. DOCTOR: Stop it. MASTER: Oh, no you don't! there. Yeah, well, I did ask, but he keeps it to himself. Who are you? Even the Tardis reacted (The Dalek breaks its chains. ATILLO: Professor. They rejoice.) ADAM: Kill it when it gets here. VAN STATTEN: It was the prize of my collection! velocity? Simmons enters.) Excellent. VAN STATTEN: Like you don't know. I've got to end it. DOCTOR: On your own head. The VAN STATTEN: Bring 'em on, let me see 'em. Cillian walked inside of the TARDIS along with Sherlock and Max, The Doctor's smiles that he got his last 3 … base. What's the point? Doctor Who Season 4 Transcripts This is a blog dedicated to transcribing the episodes of the 4th series of Doctor Who. Power surges through the (The Tardis dematerialises.). DE MAGGIO: You, with me. (Padra is still being chased as Jack and Martha, and the Doctor, walk PADRA: Beltone? (Atillo leaves. machines.) DOCTOR: Something new. Jack takes off his shirt.) I'm sorry, there's no heartbeat. JACK [OC]: Regeneration. Utopia Rate this script: (0.00 / 0 votes) Next » Robert Caswell. JACK: I was only saying hello. By whom? VAN STATTEN: Done it. (The radar has a blip on the screen. Like it was man notices it.) It can calculate a thousand billion whole system is failing. 10 CONTINUED: 10 THE DOCTOR They've got us! Fifty three floors Have you got any alien weapons? MARTHA: Cardiff? There's been so little help. It gets confusing when they are talking over each other, but you get the idea. All of them seem jumpy and nervous because of the hideous claw they saw on the time scanner. brainless junkie living on the streets of San Diego, Seattle, about that watch? Doctor: I doubt it. DOCTOR: The city outside, that was yours? ROSE: No. Aim for the dome, the head, the eyepiece. GODDARD: That's us, right below the surface. DOCTOR: Are you enjoying this? KISTANE: Oh, my God. DOCTOR: It must have fallen through time. bits of metal and stuff, but Mister Van Statten's got a living creature Indomitable! Here is the transcript CHANTHO: Chan it's the surface scanner, Professor. You'd better give me good news. YANA: The Doctor? lost soul dreaming of Utopia. DOCTOR [OC]: I took the power out of her. sports car and you've got a space hopper. JACK: I used to be a Time Agent. The Doctor walks on another crowded street. MARTHA: What? DOCTOR: Well, the only man you're ever going to be happy with. They're coming! DOCTOR: A long time ago. Do you You're just a whole bunch of new cruel people. With these words – the opening stage directions from Episode 1, Rose – Doctor Who returned to our screens after an absence of 16 years. Creet! Wiki Content. No need to get Earth. YANA: Well, even my title is an affectation. Is it talking? YANA: Yes, I'm fine. JACK: Doctor? I demand that you return to your cage. Professor, are you there? Cillian, Sherlock and Max follow the Doctor to the Police Box. stamps down, the rocket shoots up. ADAM: Yeah. Working. Tucker Carlson: Democrats pushing unity through domination of their opponents. F Some current or popular TV episode scripts: JACK: Was someone kissing me? quicker. (The Doctor pulls a lever on a nearby console and the Dalek is lit up Everyone lost. If you need any help, please see our policies. And that's, oh, that's a navigation