A Tokyo court sentenced him to eight years in prison. The massive company has cornered the online retail market over the years, making it very hard for other companies to compete. A company attempting to corner a market is vulnerable due to the size of its position, which makes it highly susceptible to market risk. More specifically, an investor corners a market when he/she owns so many shares in a company that he/she can trigger a sell off if he/she dumps the stock. Corner a Market 1. The corner of The Northern Pacific Railway on May 9, 1901, is a well documented case of competitive buying, resulting in a panic. Video shows what corner the market means. In nearly all cases, the company simply runs out of money and disbands before getting close to controlling prices. To furnish with corners. 3. Cornering a market can be attempted through several mechanisms. (Definition of corner the market from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press) Nowadays, the idiom is used more generally. Top synonym for corner the market (another word for corner the market) is lock up. For example, In a famous maneuver the Hunt brothers cornered the market in silver. Past tense for to monopolize a resource or commodity, as with the intent of driving up prices. To sell or produce something so successfully as to overshadow all others in the same field (indicated before "market"). Reminiscent of the teaser of "Bullet Points," Cartel thugs (led by cartel buttonman Gaff) ambush a Los Pollos Hermanos refrigerated truck. The original meaning of this idiom was related to controlling the price of a particular commodity by buying most or all of the supply. This has a chilling effect on the cornering attempt, since these investors usually take positions opposed to the cornerer. Past tense for to hold exclusive control of a market or supply. The cornerer hopes to gain control of enough of the supply of the commodity to be able to set the price for it. -cornered definition: 1. having the number of corners mentioned: 2. having the number of corners mentioned: . But rather than shoot up the truck like before, they proceed to bar the back doors to lock the guards in. [15][16], On July 17, 2010, Armajaro purchased 240,100 tonnes of cocoa. Corner the market synonyms and Corner the market antonyms. Corner A Market synonyms, Corner A Market pronunciation, Corner A Market translation, English dictionary definition of Corner A Market. [14], One of the wealthiest men in Germany's industry, Adolf Merckle, committed suicide after shorting Volkswagen shares. corner the market v expr verbal expression: Phrase with special meaning functioning as verb--for example, "put their heads together," "come to an end." Definition of CORNER THE MARKET in the Definitions.net dictionary. Furthermore, if the price starts to move against the cornerer, any attempt by the cornerer to sell would likely cause the price to drop substantially, subjecting the cornerer to catastrophic risk. The nickname is a reference to both the Bond villain Goldfinger and a British confection. The most direct strategy is to buy a large percentage of the available commodity offered for sale in some spot market and hoard it. In some markets, investors don't need to control the majority or even a third of a particular investment to be perceived as trying to corner the market. Information and translations of CORNER THE MARKET in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Contexts. One definition of cornering a market is "having the greatest market share in a particular industry without having a monopoly". Corner the market. Ward was dubbed "Chocfinger" by fellow traders for his exploits. Past tense for to monopolize a resource or commodity, as with the intent of driving up prices. Email Address * commanded. To form a corner in (a stock or commodity): cornered the silver market. [...] It was more than the prospective money profit that prompted the engineers of corners to do their damnedest. 2 - to become so successful at selling or making a particular product that almost no one else sells or makes it. It also means holding significant levels of the commodity to be in a particular position to manipulate its price in the market. If a company corners the market, then they are much more successful than all of their competitors at selling a specific product or in a specific market. If an individual or company is said to have “cornered the market”, it’s acquired a majority share and can directly influence market conditions. 7, "Why, there ain't going to be any wheat left in Chicago by May! He distinguishes corners as the result of manipulations from corners as the result of competitive buying. corner the market (third-person singular simple present corners the market, present participle cornering the market, simple past and past participle cornered the market) ( idiomatic , business , finance ) To monopolize a resource or commodity , as with the intent of driving up prices . The actor cornered the market as regards playing the role of a tough guy. [8], Rogue trader Yasuo Hamanaka, Sumitomo Corporation's chief copper trader, attempted to corner the international copper market over a ten-year period leading up to 1996. [5], Brothers Nelson Bunker Hunt and William Herbert Hunt attempted to corner the world silver markets in the late 1970s and early 1980s, at one stage holding the rights to more than half of the world's deliverable silver.