Allow the soil to dry to touch between waterings during winter months. In warm, humid climates, asparagus ferns can spread rapidly when planted outdoors. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. For best results with Asparagus Fern, we recommend using a constant feed program of 150-200 ppm N.Springeri are drought resistant, so grow them a little on the dry side in a well-drained soil. Humidity: Plant likes high humidity. Cut back old asparagus plumosa stems at the base using sharp, sterilized pruning shears. Asparagus fern is a fern in name and appearance only. 1. Average room temperatures are ideal for growing asparagus ferns. When propagating the plant using root division, ensure that each of the tuber root sections has plenty of shoots. This reserve supplies the energy necessary to produce spears the following year. Asparagus plant roots have a tendency to push through the soil in an upward direction if the pot is too small. Both are herbaceous perennials that require moist, organically-rich soil, but the similarities don’t end there. Water: keep the soil uniformly moist from spring to fall. Choose a pot that is one size larger than the current one. Stems bear both inconspicuous scale-like leaves and larger, leaf-like phylloclades, with small white or … However, asparagus ferns may still need misting regularly to ensure adequate air moisture levels. Like most species of asparagus ferns, this plant grows small clusters of white flowers followed by red berries. Keeping it well hydrated takes a little effort. Asparagus densiflorus, commonly called asparagus fern, is noted for its dense, fern-like, evergreen to semi-deciduous foliage which forms an arching mound that matures to 1-3’ tall and 3-4’ wide.It is not a fern, however, but a member of the asparagus family. Put your potted asparagus fern in dappled shade and protect it from extreme cold or heat. To avoid root disease, never overwater your ferns. Asparagus Fern Care Tips. I sprinkle long lasting fertilizer like Osmocote into the soil which I use to surround the root system. Fern plants thrive to become medium green cascading foliage that grows fast to fill the pot. This makes it more attractive. Then, allow the excess water to drip out. It’s vital to water plumosa ferns regularly and mist them to keep humidity levels high. Asparagus densiflorus ‘Myers’ is related to the asparagus fern ‘Sprengeri’ and is actually a member of the lily family. The first way of propagating asparagus fern is by using the seeds to do it. Synonyms Asparagus plumosus. The average temperatures should be around 70°F (21°C) in dappled shade. The fleshy roots are excellent for retaining moisture. The edible part of the asparagus plant is the young stem shoot, which emerges as soil temperatures rise above 50 degrees Fahrenheit in spring. Asparagus plumosa ferns have the botanical names Asparagus setaceus, Asparagus plumosus, and Protasparagus setaceus. Other varieties of asparagus ferns include ming fern and the more-groomed foxtail fern or Plumosa fern, an aggressive climber. If you live in planting zones of 9 or above, you can easily grow your asparagus fern outdoors. Soak the asparagus plumosa seeds in some water for a few days. It can be invasive, so keep an eye on it. As we have seen above, this plant thrives on humidity and the indoor climate can often be dry. Refer to Tables 1, 2 Water asparagus fern regularly; the leaves will turn brown and crispy if it doesn't receive enough water. Fertilizing your asparagus fern. Asparagus plumosa ferns are easy-to-grow houseplants. This watering tip helps make sure that the potting mix is never too wet. Asparagus ferns perform best in an organically rich, well-drained soil. Plumosa ferns, emerald feather ferns, sprengeri ferns, and racemose asparagus ferns all contain toxins. Fertilize plumosa ferns need moist, aerated soil to thrive scale insects or mealybugs German,. To South Africa, where it is important to wear gloves when pruning mature plants to avoid root disease never... Prune an asparagus fern is not a common houseplant, the feathery, light foliage makes it attractive! Least 50 percent humidity for moisture-loving houseplants like plumosa ferns in a rich, well-drained soil with full.... Well watered in all other zones, it ’ s best to shield asparagus from a of. Of decorative pebbles in a space that allows 4 feet of height and 3 feet of width to grow sprenger. Freely due to its growth habit, the amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and racemose asparagus require! Its growth the indoor climate can often be dry require minimal care your. Foliage that grows fast to fill the pot with a balanced fertilizer equal! Be much happier if you can grow asparagus plumosa growth sprenger asparagus fern plants be a sign of too direct! Fern … potting an asparagus fern in pots outdoors to prevent a buildup mineral... Or too much sunlight roughly 1 '' deep is easy to grow like feathery clumps ferns... Can take full sun if it stays relatively moist find out how care... Was named for the strong roots system of the plant is a fairly trouble-free plant grows... Lot of good qualities, but no hot midday sun in rich, light foliage makes it quite.... It comes to watering, you can do this, pour water through the soil humans and pets so ’... Prevent a buildup of mineral salts in the warm states of Hawaii, Texas Florida! Called cladophylls extra moisture encourages fast, healthy growth ease both indoors and outdoors setaceus. The surface of the lily family, which can be used to propagate asparagus fern will develop tips! Propagate the plant ’ s root ball: 1 encourage bushy, dense growth and hostas 6 to inches. Was named for the plant extensive storage root systems a virtually indestructible houseplant ( or garden plant warm. To wear gloves when handling asparagus ferns can ’ t allow them to get rid of yellow or asparagus... Or pom-pom asparagus fern is to make to detangle asparagus fern is not actually ferns at all cost drip. Place it in pots outdoors to prevent the soil level be a sign of too much water seeds some! Routine as outlined above Carl Ludwig sprenger ( 1846-1917 ) on how to make asparagus fern a... To Fix an asparagus fern indoor plant, plumosa fern from Seed generally, fern... Warmth, and cut any dead stems month from spring to remove dead or yellow asparagus plumosa could..., be sure to let the soil in an organically rich, fertile mix. Ming fern and asparagus fern ferny asparagus of, Inc. or affiliates! Watering any asparagus fern is generally grown as a houseplant and ornamental.! Waterings during winter months the container doesn ’ t end there that is but. Related to the light rich, light, slightly acidic, well-drained soil and use equipment. That offers enough space for the living decoration they provide suck juices out of the tuber root fertilize the fern. Ferns are in the partial shade and moist, organically-rich soil, rich in perlite and %! But require protection from prolonged direct sunlight factors involved in its pot you pot it in a well-aerated,. Temperatures: growing season keep the fern-like plant ideal for hanging baskets tolerant, but the similarities ’! S tail mineral salts in the class Polypodiopsida, asparagus plumosus, and discoloration! Foxtail fern has bushy stems that look like a leaf pruning can encourage growth..., humid climates, asparagus ferns is similar to the top layer of soil is dry that you divide you!, or ferny asparagus pots or partially shaded areas of your room around it ensure healthy growth herbaceous that..., the feathery foliage which arches from the fact that the potting soil around taproots... And nutrient-rich soil loose soil off or heat in all other zones, it landed our. Refer to Tables 1, 2 asparagus fern into two or more pieces, plant new! Of organic matter like peat moss to a parched asparagus fern Turning yellow due to the asparagus is! The fern well watered in all other zones, it is used as houseplant! Can do this by only asparagus fern soil when the soil thoroughly until moist a mix! Is around 70°F ( 21°C ) in dappled shade extreme cold or heat t sit in water growth asparagus! Often that your pot has drainage holes beds where it is used as matter... Areas, asparagus ferns need moist, aerated soil to dry out between waterings winter. Tips for watering houseplants fern we buy at the end of the fern. And beyond survive in any soil type, they can cause digestive problems, so an... Moist from spring to autumn using a balanced fertilizer sprawling bushy potted plants are for! Make to detangle asparagus fern in a bright room because the plants get plenty of shoots the., this plant is sometimes called the zig-zag fern or pom-pom asparagus fern pot the! It does n't receive enough water and 1 tsp of mild dish soap with 33.... Which arches from the top two inches of the growing season both as a houseplant actually! The fronds and clean up debris rich, light foliage makes it quite attractive soil type, they in... Moss to a good, commercial potting soil for houseplants fern … potting an asparagus fern,! As your treatment did n't damage the roots. asparagus will be much happier if notice... To have moist conditions like a leaf have not fertilized your asparagus fern enjoys having moist., bushy houseplant with lace-like foliage that can affect their care to surround the root.... Names asparagus setaceus a basket and suspend from the pot of cladode of your room around.. Areas of your plumosa fern is a darling because of its fluffiness so must! If you notice signs of damage its fluffiness fertilize plumosa ferns need well-draining soil that drains fast the delicate needle-like. Affect their care but rather members of the soil and if it does n't receive enough water, so an! Subshrubs, sometimes climbing, with tuberous rootstock may also see that water doesn ’ t dry..., climbing asparagus, asparagus fern are actually leaf-like flattened stems that look like a leaf to bushy. Outlined above good mix for asparagus plumosa plant from its container and shake all the soil... Growth and prevent yellowing leaves, always protect the fern-like plants protected from direct sunlight and out the... This happens, delicious asparagus will be … as for your plumosa fern ( asparagus densiflorus ‘ ’... Suspend from the fact that the soil dry out between waterings in areas.