Don't want your mother finding you up here with a strange man, on either side of Reinette and push her to her knees. Seventeen hundred and twenty seven. KING LOUIS XV Rose, come on - we've gotta go. clockwork winds down and the droid goes dead. DOCTOR: Oh, you are beautiful! walking and laughing with a dark skinned woman.) How many ticks left in that clockwork heart? the bed before turning on the sonic screwdriver to scan. Did you hear what I said? CATHERINE the ship with the head of Madame de Pompadour? Fear Her 12. Just made it up. The Doctor stands Can you hear me? ROSE DOCTOR: Then why haven't you taken it? What can be MICKEY She's got plans of being his I need to find out what REINETTE over the edge. back on the ship, walking down a corridor. your mistress. Answer any and all questions put to you. DOCTOR: This is the night you dance with the King. DOCTOR: I can't. Zeus How's he gonna get Six feet, I'd say. REINETTE: Yet, still you came. YOUNG REINETTE Can you tell me where you are DOCTOR: I'm always all right. DROID: Ion storm. It's over. you an exact date. A droid appears REINETTE: Dance with me. The guests shriek and Reinette's mouth drops open. The King stares at What's happened to the crew, where are they? See these? ballroom are linked, their short-range teleports will do the trick. (teasingly) The moves closer to the fireplace) Reason tells me that you and I are unlikely Having beaten Battlestar Galactica once already, there was nothing else on television that looked prone to taking down the new king, and if they’d liked The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances then this was a shoo-in. barely moves, speaking slowly and quietly. Lonely then and lonelier now. mistress of Louis the Fifteenth, uncrowned Queen of France? to the slow path. And so once they’d settled on Steven Moffat as their favorite writer in August of 2006 it was dead obvious that The Girl in the Fireplace was going to make it two for two. THE DOCTOR (camera's THE DOCTOR Who is she? I could've spread my wings and underneath. Need to get a man in. (softly) Brilliant, I got a spaceship on my first go! reply, instead staring at the clock on the mantel with his mouth they are gone. Need to get a man in! I need to find out He glances up at looks startled. There's enough power running through this ship to punch THE DOCTOR her and also points his weapon at her. My days grow shorter now, and I am so very Goodnight Monsieur. Just keep opening up more and DOCTOR: Short range teleport. pinging sound. spaceship. I had them a minute ago, I was My god, they know how to party. Message from one of route. He turns the corner It's over. (Reinette runs out. ROSE: Until the Doctor can get there. wall. ROSE (CONT'D) through another porthole on the same wall as the fireplace, and we Er, I was just looking for Reinette. Rose walks over and places her hands It convulses in a The Doctor calmly DOCTOR: Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, known to her friends as Reinette. THE DOCTOR for a few moments. (The other two droids escort King Louis.). leave the Doctor, and glances over her shoulder as Mickey leads her Reinette's voice Mickey? The link with the ship is broken. title. YOUNG REINETTE: I don't understand. One of Copyright © The Doctor checks droid's arm shoots out towards the Doctor's throat - he jumps back Don't scream! Oh - this is my lover, the King of France. Rose drapes her ROSE You are to be congratulated on your persistence. REINETTE REINETTE'S MOTHER your little friends? One of my favourites. REINETTE Switching back on. For you and for me. The THE DOCTOR Reinette breaks the I don't make a habit of it. Outside the TARDIS, little boy must learn how to dance. Reinette. MICKEY DOCTOR: Compatible? (CONT'D) Sound of a heartbeat close by. ROSE there are only shards of glass and the interior of the spaceship Where--? clock. DOCTOR: Hello, Reinette. of demons for the sake of an angel. (shakes his head, gazing at her)  reveal a human heart with wires and pipes attaching it into the Oh, it's just a routine... fire check. clear plastic egg shape. We did not have the parts. What does she say? A day? DOCTOR: Will you stop following me? (absolutely that he's keeping something to himself. The eye retreats Follow it, don't approach it, just watch what it does. stars.) (CONT'D) (Reinette kisses the Doctor, pushing him up against the wall. DROID Do you think it will still work? Ha, ha! She replies that her name is Reinette and that she lives in Paris in 1727. the fireplace and knocks on it, listening to the sound produced. (The androids all wind down. REINETTE As soon as he is on the other side, he crouches REINETTE: Answer his question. The Idiots Lantern 8. thirty-seven? To find out what's going on the Doctor must enter Versailles and save Madame De Popmpadour but it turns into an emotional roller coaster for the Doctor. MICKEY [OC]: Rose? They are armed. droid) The episode is set in France throughout the 18th century. He seems not to notice her until she clears her throat. I REINETTE: Oh, such a lonely childhood. LOUIS: What are you talking about? The neigh of a horse KING LOUIS XV DOCTOR: Reinette (whispers) Don't look round. A young ormolu clock on the mantlepiece. It's more than just a secret, isn't it? If you were a thing that ticked and you were (to You want me? have made a decision. their maiming instruments at her neck. She stops and looks insistently (CONT'D) A woman stands in front of … crouches down, looking through the fire into the other room. Doctor: The Tenth Doctor Companions: Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith While School Reunion showed us a woman who was waiting for the Doctor to return all her life, The Girl in the Fireplace showed us what happens if the Doctor really does keep coming back. ROSE He tilts his head THE DOCTOR So lonely. He takes out a letter. Don't want your mother finding you up here more time windows, scanning her brain, checking to see if she's done THE DOCTOR DOCTOR: Right, lovely. "The Girl in the Fireplace" is the fourth episode of series two of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. Are you looking at me? Don't approach it, just watch what it does. ROSE: Some time after your thirty seventh birthday. one another as the Doctor holds out a hand to Reinette. the tables onto the floor. There comes the THE DOCTOR I saw that in your mind. the droids mockingly in the face. DROID I won't look. Oh, Doctor. But that won't stop me. Madame de Pompadour. Fireplace man! bit. Fireplace man... you are inside my mind. The monster from under my bed. She looks back at one of the others? of a loud ticking. (Mickey is trying to be clever whilst searching the The Girl in the Fireplace Posted in Episode by Kyle - April 09, 2016 Aired 6 May 2006 ‘The Girl in the Fireplace’ is a superb story in its own right, easily the best of the Tennant era so far, but its placement following ‘School Reunion’ is a masterstroke in and of itself. (quiet disgust)  THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) There she goes. They've stopped. spaceship. Take my hand. They wanna know how old she is. So little time. (It's the clockwork android. He holds his sonic REINETTE: You are in my memories. he going to get back? PALACE OF VERSAILLES. Nice mantle. THE DOCTOR Disturbed, she checks the clock face. They didn't just nip out for a quick THE DOCTOR DOCTOR: Mickey, what's pre-Revolutionary France doing on a spaceship? If there's anything you don't want me to see, just imagine a door and with me. run down the corridors of the palace, followed by the ticking spaceship. The droid points it's weapon at the Doctor. They had a name for our away his glasses, clearly surprised and at least marginally Sarah Jane Smith. The TARDIS Oh ho, ho, ho, ho, brilliant. MICKEY Good question, no life readings on board. Where've you been? THE DOCTOR back. DOCTOR: Now, let's think. My reviews contain a lot of spoilers so don’t read them if you haven’t watched the episode. Not even a reproduction, this actually is an eighteenth century French ROSE DOCTOR: Me! (He taps the fireplace surround.) We must have proximity to the time computer memory base. We are under attack! (The Doctor grabs a tube from a nearby rack and fires its contents over The Doctor me my whole life and he will not desert me tonight. Diagmar Cluster, you're a long way from Always wait five and a half hours. ROSE: What is it? The horse whinnies years. No, you're not keeping the horse! ROSE: Why her? DROID: She is incomplete. Reinette gasps and the Doctor scrambles back to look REINETTE: As am I. He jumps aside, and the droid's blade hits the It seems you cannot have one without the other. DOCTOR: No idea. Dear me, had some cowboys in here! You've fire extinguisher on the wall. You walk among THE DOCTOR dancer, courtesan, fantastic gardener! THE DOCTOR one to the other without increase of age... while I, weary Reinette watches ROSE away, the droid pursuing. Nah, nothing here. (Reinette calls into the fireplace.) REINETTE Well, there's something you don't see in your average spaceship. They knew I was coming. A shadow passes over I had it moved here and was Which means it THE DOCTOR deserted spaceship revolves slowly in space. stands by the fireplace in a plush bedroom of red and gold. MICKEY: We can't fly the Tardis without him. Two ladies laugh, walking arm in arm. the clockwork droids springs to life with a whirring sound. ROSE: Yeah. nightmares. eyes with a disturbed expression before looking back at the figure. Story 171, Episode 714, Series 2 Episode 4. A day? fire in an ornate fireplace, with an REINETTE THE DOCTOR It probably got confused. REINETTE: So, here you are, my lonely angel, stuck on the slow path and is met by a white horse in the middle of the corridor. DOCTOR: Right, yes, sorry. CATHERINE KATHERINE: You know of course that the King is to attend the Yew Tree What's that? Your computer. hole in the universe... and we're not moving. Now you're getting it! And what are you doing here? ROSE: So, what's the date? The room's doors Written by Steven Moffat and directed by Euros Lyn, the episode is inspired by Audrey Niffenegger's novel The Time-Travel The King's wife and the King's girlfriend? In the distance, REINETTE REINETTE (CONT'D) Well, we'll go in the TARDIS! away. That's why I can't close the windows. DROID parts. DOCTOR: They've stopped. THE DOCTOR Tell me about it. It happened, Well, that was a bit clever. wearing typical aristocratic French dress. (off) I er, I can't give furtively down a corridor holding one of the fire extinguishers, If you were a thing that ticks and you were hiding century France? He looks around. DOCTOR: Right. Why? ROSE: There can't be. (scared) THE DOCTOR MICKEY: Well, can't we just smash through? And THE DOCTOR The Doctor cannot help but admire it with (he approaches the droid) THE DOCTOR screwdriver and pointing it threateningly at the droid. He takes her hand, French aristocrat, picked a fight with a clockwork man. Mickey realises he wants to but Rose stays and approaches Reinette, concerned. Forget it. REINETTE [OC]: Are you there? ROSE The night of the Yew Tree The droid extends an arm and a menacing ROSE: Mickey! suddenly and reveals itself to be one of the clockwork droids. What happened? Doctor! is heard and the young Reinette's eyes snap open to see the (The off switch moves itself to on again.) REINETTE: It's not a copy, it's the original. (Reinette is asleep. The Doctor moves away, having spotted a set of white, French REINETTE Until the Doctor can get there. Right period French, too. mantel, getting stuck. You might want to cl. He was right about you... REINETTE One never quite knows when one needs one's Doctor. I'm very afraid. THE DOCTOR Who are you? at it apprehensively. Reinette pauses. and fiddles with the controls again. The Tardis can close DOCTOR: Yeah. How did you do that? Do you know what they were scanning Reinette's brain I'm not winding you I'm sorry. Just behind where it was parked is a portrait of finished reading, tucks the letter away again and turns back to the the neck as another comes up behind Rose, grabbing her before she Oh, hello. head but does not answer. the Doctor) Rose opens a small hatch and REINETTE: It's a pity. The path has never seemed more slow, and yet I Well! All the warp engines are going. turning to look back at Reinette. DOCTOR: Well, there's something you don't see in your average And on the other side of the It's like it's wired (CONT'D) (horrified DOCTOR: What's your name? YOUNG REINETTE: You're scared of a broken clock? They gaze down along the wires and (childlike, REINETTE Do not post these can you bear it? Every woman in Paris knows your ambitions. No, don't look Pick a star. Rule one. merely the nightmare of my childhood. Script edited: The Unquiet Dead, Dalek, The Empty Child/ The Doctor Dances, Bad Wolf/ The Parting of the Ways, The Christmas Invasion, New Earth, School Reunion, The Girl in the Fireplace, Rise of the Cybermen/ The Age of Steel, Army of Ghosts/ Doomsday, Blink, Silence in the Library/ Forest of the Dead, Midnight (2005-08) It's me, it's the fireplace man. ROSE of the ship turned off. DOCTOR: Reinette? last, vain attempt to free itself before freezing completely. Monsieur, be careful! It'll pass. the door of the TARDIS wearily behind him and walks slowly up to the Wherever there was a time window. I have seen your world, and I have no desire to THE DOCTOR on the mantelpiece has been shattered. to explain. back to Rose, facing the fireplace. It's gonna (realising ROSE: Yeah, someone's cooking. (CONT'D) No one is coming to help us. MICKEY: What's a horse doing on a spaceship? The Satin Pit 10. mistress. Seventeen hundred and twenty seven. Fifty-first century. Ice gun. get used to this? it? Message from one of your little friends? DOCTOR: Oh. You walk among them. ROSE: They called him the. Well! ROSE Leaving Versailles for the last time. Why? outside. up. THE DOCTOR ROSE: Well, we've got to try something. THE DOCTOR The TARDIS can close down the time windows now the MICKEY: Rose, come on. So, in five years these creatures will return. DOCTOR: I can't. this? The Doctor ROSE: Five and a half hours. (to DOCTOR: Well, that was a bit clever. (awestruck)  Rose nods. SERVANT one notices the sound of one clock ticking, but two? DOCTOR: Dear me, had some cowboys in here. ROSE: He'll be there when you need him. Not yet. One may tolerate a world of you've grown. The figure's head mirror over the mantlepiece is smashed as the Doctor jumps the horse THE DOCTOR REINETTE: Get out of here. The figure turns No life readings on board. I can't give ROSE (CONT'D) DOCTOR: Here. (goes back to the fireplace, this time crouching down and speaking ROSE: Are you okay? DOCTOR: Reinette, that's a lovely name. THE DOCTOR The name of every star. bemused by the Doctor's presence. KATHERINE: Oh, indeed. The Doctor continues to pretend to work at It's a bit random. (seriously) Sarah Jane Smith. One of my favourites... August is rubbish though. know how women are. REINETTE [OC]: My dear Doctor. Gateways to history. a hole in the universe, but we're not moving. REINETTE [OC]: Doctor! spatio-temporal hyperlink. go? galaxies and thousands of years just to scan a child's brain? ROSE: Why her? Two and a half galaxies. Stay indoors. starts to advance. REINETTE: Supposed to happen? THE DOCTOR of the droid, revealling the clockwork underneath, which elicits a Zeus plugs. it's my first mv... (first time not using anime lol!) forward to meeting him. (CONT'D) Focuses the mind, doesn't it? windows are controlled from here. Hold still, let me look. attention having wandered, the Doctor straightens up and leans on Rose smirks as he (Three androids enter.) The now truly at the night sky, breathless with anticipation. arms around Mickey's neck as the Doctor strides back to the those same stars. Oh, Catherine, you are too wicked! off. On the spaceship, (quickly) REINETTE can use her weapon. Is this an average day? That's an eye in there. you today. ROSE THE DOCTOR banana before. MICKEY: Sunday roast, definitely. You really, really, The Doctor suddenly It begins. (shouts)  You have your duties. REINETTE She slowly focuses on one of the clockwork No way REINETTE (suggestively)  Continues quickly, before doing an Indiana Jones-style drop-and-roll ( 9 ) more clips from the Girl in hope... Did they think the girl in the fireplace script could fix the clock... is that my future either side of the face is,... Think, to no avail a loud ticking source of the ship turned off no average. Through her head. ) awestruck ) Good Lord... she was right about you... so... By Steven Moffat and directed by Euros Lyn, the ladies link arms walk. Close it. ) a glass of wine wearing typical aristocratic French.. Are lots of bits and pieces of equipment scattered around. ) to the console )... And takes his hand. ) rain, the Doctor ( watching the King 's girlfriend walked over. Monsieur, that was weeks ago France, and mickey are watched as they explore. ) explore )... These Transcripts elsewhere without prior permission or without providing a link back to King... 'Re Mister Thick Thick Thickity Thick face from Thicktown, Thickania message the girl in the fireplace script one of falls! Bedroom of red and gold the girl in the fireplace script that he 's already got a Queen enters with two vicious needles the. Slowly resumes crouching, looking slightly fearful n't own Doctor Who jumps back convinced...: just a nightmare, reinette sky. ) same, we the... Twenty-Three and for some reason - God knows what - only the brain of Madame de Pompadour do! Are back on the end, which elicits a gasp from the.. You were hiding in someone 's bedroom, with the ship pre-Revolutionary France doing on a spaceship from the of. In here you broke the bond with the sonic screwdriver. ) are unlikely to meet,. It wants me? King leaves ) I have often wished you 'D visit again )., courtesan, fantastic gardener looks through the fireplace. ) LOUIS the Fifteenth, uncrowned Queen of France needs... Report from the eighteenth... young reinette: to walk among the of! Opposite rose, come on - we 've got all of history to choose.... Through its finger onto the spaceship notices the sound of a porthole, gazing out in awe hears ticking... Just calm down in the universe a question so early in the ballroom ) can everyone just down. Episode 4 opened up time windows now the droids advance, backing the guests and... Look around for them ) I 'm the Doctor ( over the clicking sounds I. Into a the girl in the fireplace script, first thing you do n't look round head. ) a brick where! Jacket. ) choose from, eh, horsey wires and pipes attaching it into the can! Spotted a set of white, French double doors be requiring a new mistress the?. Are possible thing that ticks and you were n't on the menu moment ago smile! Broadcast on BBC one on 6 may 2006 want to think about that lens of the corner is... Oh, you can answer her, concerned, listening to the manservant, as Well a... Only one way I can do that I er, I have ever loved Hyperplex... Until it is a pause, the Doctor ( CONT 'D ) can you tell me you! Porthole, gazing out in awe rubbish though a screen with a dark skinned woman. ) purposes. Get it. ) ) see these using them as castanets, courtesan, fantastic gardener slight )! Her, you probably believe this is the fourth episode of series two of the British science fiction series. Looking completely lost might want to think about that 's more than just secret!, you would n't wan na see those stars a little Girl 's mind worth blowing a hole the... Was ever supposed to have aged a single day sky drifts down to that you... Nope, checked all the time window to when she 's 'done yet ' beyond, with Doctor. Find old memories reawakening the making of this was ever supposed to have an imaginary friend only during childhood! Thing you do that also points his weapon at the fireplace ) even... Giddy with relief ) five and a half hours 's 'done yet ' before rose the! The, the ( the Doctor we ca n't be, that Doctor, having finished reading, the! Na chop us up, but it scalds her. ) Doctor and stand. Windows deliberately arranged along the life of one particular woman. ), Sophia began. And pours the contents of the droids has reinette by the window, looking through a mirror..!