He also shows up in Ryu's ending where Ryu, who has recently been appointed as Iron Fist's successor, defeats him. Akuma is tasked by Kazumi in destroying him to prevent his malevolent power from growing and becoming a proper threat. The Mad Demon), were confirmed in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition by leaked videos. However, before there was a victor, their fight was interrupted by Heihachi, who had survived and faked his death. In his epilogue, Akuma engaging Pandora Oni causes a storm that lasts several days. He waited for Heihachi to establish his own strength before engaging him, one of many instances of his moral code being followed. Akuma has standing debt between him and Kazumi and she was responsible for saving him for unexplained reasons. Akuma's ending in the storyline depends on his final opponent; if Akuma faced Athena, his ending shows him ascending to the Heavens. He is eventually challenged by a man named Gen. Gen fights a vicious battle, even surviving the Shun Goku Satsu by emptying his soul in time. Akuma's first speaking appearance in animation was in an episode of the American Street Fighter animated series titled "Strange Bedfellows". He loses his sandals upon becoming Oni. In every modes, this will gain some bronze, silver, gold and crystal Akuma tokens to gain 1 to 3 pieces of 1-Star to 4-Star fragments in order to unlock him. Red Because of that, he appears … Gouki's chest becomes clearer due to this and he walks away with visions of Gouken and Sayaka treating his wounds. Akuma then deducts that it was the player's character/team, and proceeds to challenge them directly. "My name is Akuma! Gen, Oro). Knowing that he could never win against such a demon, Akuma remained hidden until Garuda could be wiped off the face of the earth by another... "At that precise moment, I walked away! Continuing from his previous encounter with Gill, Akuma loses his power as a result and loses his form as Oni. However, this entire movie is non-canon. In his artwork for his Street Fighter V profile, Akuma's hair is completely white, and has grown out; he wears a dark yellow loincloth with a white sash on each side, going shirtless while retaining his gray karate pants. He inquires about why and how long Ryu intends to resist the Satsui no Hado to which he responds "Until my last breath!" But Akuma dismisses this as foolishness of the highest order, given that Ryu doesn't know exactly what he seeks. At some point, he defeats and kills a Muay Thai fighter who was about to challenge the champion, Adon. Traveling by boat with his belongings, he searches for a new training ground. Because Akuma killed a Muay Thai master that Adon was supposed to fight, Adon seeks to defeat Akuma to prove himself. The final outcome of the fight is unknown. Both characters shared the top spot in Screen Rant's rating of the "12 Most Powerful Street Fighter Characters" the same year. To prevent distractions, Akuma immediately executes the Demon Armageddon on Ryu, but instead of piercing him, he launches him so hard it forces Ryu through a wormhole back to his original timeline. When Heihachi is finally dead for good at the hands of Kazuya, he is Akuma's only target left. He also gains his Swap Costume in Street Fighter X Tekken as part of his customization but without his footwraps and the white streaks on his hair. Eyewitness claim to have seen a human-like creature in the middle of the storm but it was dismissed as an ephemeral mass of energy. Shin Akuma is, however, an unlockable playable character in the Game Boy Advance version of the game, Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival, as well as the Japan-only Dreamcast version of the game, Super Street Fighter II X for Matchmaking Service. This is designed as a contrast to his older brother Gouken's outfit. If it is normal Akuma, he will appear by himself, wondering who emitted a great war cry. Akuma's Super Combos, introduced in the Alpha series (for reasons explained below) consist of a high-powered Gohadoken, a powered-up Zanku Hadoken, a Shoryuken-based move similar to Ken's Shoryureppa without the scorching effect, and an upward-spiraling Tatsumaki that can also be used in midair. Red (Used to be black) Ansatsuken. Akuma já foi bom depois de tanto nerf que o demonio levou muita gente deixou de jogar street para jogar MK e smash bros isso quando a gente ainda ve o povo no Tekken e samurai Showdown. Akuma killed Gill with the Raging Demon, but left without realizing that Gill could resurrect himself. Akuma continued to develop his now-incredible fighting skill, and even fought with Oro in a simple, inconclusive battle, with each other sensing the other's massive chi and testing their powers. Personal Although this version of Akuma was confirmed to be the new boss version fought in Arcade Mode, he is indeed Akuma using the full extent of his abilities. 2. Akuma's belligerence is a direct, and likely deliberate, contrast to the purpose of the Nio. An original variation called Cyber-Akuma (Mech Gouki in Japan) appears in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter as the game's final boss. Akuma berates the dictator for not relying solely upon his fists, and they fight. Gen saw Akuma as a skilled opponent who could finally kill him, a morbid desire amplified by his own terminal sickness. He is lying against a tree and is woken up by Sayaka, Goutetsu's daughter. However Ryu only asks a question: If he has a family or a son, to which Akuma responds "When I walk, I walk alone, when I fight, I fight alone" before walking away. 5'10" (178 cm)[1][2][3][4] Akuma made his debut in Super Street Fighter II Turbo, the fifth arcade iteration of the Street Fighter II games, where he appears as a hidden and unnamed character. He desperately seeks a way to restore his demon form. After Morrigan and Lilith convinces Donovan to help them fight Jedah, Donovan suggests seeing Akuma to gather the necessary power to open a portal to the Makai Realm. The wielder of the Satsui no Hado, a man called "the master of the fist," who has slaughtered opponents with the ferocity of a demon. Even as a Satsui no Hado wielder with seemingly amoral actions, Akuma upholds certain standards and outlook of how powers like the Satsui should be handled. Ở Street Fighter 3, Akuma chỉ được xuất hiện ở hai phiên bản là Street Fighter 3 2nd Impact và Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike. Gizaha, a modder who was looking into reverse-engineering the game’s code to improve performance, accidentally came across the method to unlock Shin Akuma, something everyone in the gaming world assumed to be impossible until recently. Gouki responds by saying that he does not want to follow a laid out path like his predecessors' teachings are absolute. [7]. But Gouki just takes his master's prayer beads and walks away without saying anything. Many years later, Akuma fought Gouken, while the then-young duo of Ryu and Ken watched. Akuma was designed in order to please fans who were victims of April's Fools in the claims from journalists that there was a hidden character named Sheng Long. Also in the comic it's implied that he may have killed Ryu's family when he destroyed the village of the men who killed his father. Dale Wilson (Street Fighter TV series) (ep. The Mishima Zaibatsu CEO fired a power laser from a space satellite, destroying G Corporation tower. The fight continued, and Gouken won. In Street Fighter X Tekken, Akuma hears a voice calling to him from Pandora and faded into the darkness. But as they trade punches, Ryu sees a vision of Fuuka which causes him to stop using the Dark Hado.