In this case the angler on the left is working harder to present upstream where the angler on the right requires a more delicate presentation on A long rear taper helps with distance and control. We carry a good range of Fly Lines from Airflo, Rio and Scientific Anglers. Manic Tackle Airflo Fly Fishing S Lines Polyleaders Rods Reels Luge. View Basket Checkout. When nymphing lakes without an indicator something is needed to detect subtle takes and the bright fly line allows the angler to focus on the tip of the line so any movement can be struck at quickly. Whether tracking through a slow pool on a seemingly interminable drift or tumbling through brawling riffles, this line stays on top as well as any I've fished. ... Ohope, New Zealand. The end result is a fly line that has a super charged head to running line diameter ratio, glides through the rings with minimal friction and has all the handling attributes and durability of the best fly line in the world. Take a look at an epic first Day down south fishing with Trippin on Trout catching the biggest donkey trout in the best river in the world. The tip can be cut back to suit your fly rod, cutting 6in at a time and testing on the rod until the ideal cast is achieved is recommended. Check this out. Airflo Covert Fly Set. They've got an incredible pro-staff that includes the likes of Kelly Galloup and Bruce Chard. Our lakes, rivers, and backcountry streams all offer fantastic opportunities to fish for brown and rainbow trout. A very cool live calendar, just click and scroll through all the goodies. We've been developing the highest performing fly lines, leader, & tippet in the industry for over 20 years. Our innovative non PVC fly line technology means our Spey lines and Heads keep on performing whatever the conditions. With a few mark-ups added the rod retails here at still only NZ$350 and as rod, reel , line bundle for only NZ $500. View Cart Checkout. Pete Lamb Special, Fishing | Time | Moon | Tide | Current | Weather, Epic Freediving & Snorkelling at Goat Island, SImply Kingfish - Matt Watson Ultimate Fishing, Ranfurly Banks bluefin & deep drop action, How to fish microjigs and slow jigs with Rob Fort, High detail slow pitch jig techniques explained, Drone footage - Epic shots and Epic Fails: Ultimate Fishing TV, FIELD TRIPS USA in NZ for GIANT Yellowtail Kingfish & Snapper, How to get back on your SOT kayak with Paddle Guy & Dave, Freediving for Crays, West Coast New Zealand, Milford Madness! A Guide to Fly Lines The smoother the transition between the rear taper and the running line, the more control you’ll have. 0141 212 8880. We head out at sunrise on the hunt for our first Kingfish for the season and get lucky on some very nice fish! Most of the others are made under licence by one of those four companies. This has basically seen the end of the level and double tapered fly lines, leaving just the weight forward line with specific tapers. The Airflo Ridge - the world’s first textured fly line. With the inclusion of our new “FLO” technology, we are now able to produce a line that has running lines slimmer in diameter than our competitors, without any of the durability issues associated with PVC. From a Beginner to the Experienced Fly Fisher, we will have something that suits your requirements. New for 2017, the Airflo Forge packs in lots of features for a great performance. It maintains all the benefits of low stretch cores, welded loops, whilst incorporating our FLO technology to make what we believe is the ultimate floating fly line. Scientific Anglers Mastery MPX Fly Line. airflo clear camo fast intermediate . Long belly lines usually have a short aggressive front taper and a long rear taper; turning over heavy flies at long distances. The running line is designed to be very light so it is pulled through the rod guides easily, helping gain maximum casting distance. Twitter. Long belly lines are made from stiffer coatings so they can cast further and turn over energy positively by reducing friction through the rodís guides; ideal for loading the fast tip action rods that have become popular over the last few years. NZ$ 95.92. $119.99. With almost every angler looking for improved performance from the single most used fly line on the planet; it’s easy to see why a floating line that casts easier, floats higher where required, has almost zero memory and lasts measurably longer than any other fly line in the world would be deemed to be the holy grail. $17.95. A fisherman's guide to fly lines When fishing in larger waterways like the Tongariro or some of the large South Island rivers, big casts are often needed to cover all of the water. We touch it every moment we are fishing and it’s the connection between ourselves and the fish. Remember, we fly fishers are casting the fly line, not the fly. The last thing you need if fish numbers are low is to accidentally spook a fish with harsh light reflecting off a bright coloured line. One of the greatest lessons I ever learnt as a budding young fisherman on the lakes and rivers was that in order to become as successful at fishing as possible, you must continually adapt and become versatile in order to consistently deceive trout in a variety of situations. Surtees/Yamaha Grand Prize a great lure for 2021 Hutchwilco NZ Boat Show! We also have a number of fly rod packages from Airflo - designed for NZ also . 0. Whatever your view, you must be able to see the line on the water so mending can be done at the correct time to achieve drag-free drifts. The PVC coating feels lovely in the hand and performs extremely well to start with, but has a tendency to suffer from radial cracking after a few hard months of use in New Zealand. Anglers in their hundreds flocked to the iconic Canterbury high country to take part in the annual fishery opening with many anglers out on the water just after midnight. At the annual Lake Coleridge fishing competition over 200 anglers entered the popular contest and many more came for the prize draw. Scientific Anglers Amplitude Anadro Fly Line. Designing a good fly rod blank is not rocket science and all the materials to make them are commercially available. Menu. Take your camera with you when you go fishing because the competition will begin again in January 2021 with more spectacular prizes to be had. Facebook. INTOUCH WF6S3 FRESHWATER A fisherman's guide to fly lines The Rio InTouch Deep 3 is a sinking line with a decent rate of three to four inches per second. We recommend both Airflo and Rio Spey and Switch fly fishing fly lines and our experienced staff stand ready to help you select a fly line that will be properly matched to any Spey or Switch rod you may own or be planning on purchasing. The long rear taper will help when it comes to mending line at long range and will help to aerialise more line in the air when false casting so all distances can be covered. And this high-floating ch… Amazing overnight camping in Northland, New Zealand hunting big Kingfish (Yellowtail). Colour me bad Fly line colour has always been a topic of hot debate in New Zealand. Something went wrong while submitting the form. Your basket is empty. These advancements ultimately make the cast easier and more enjoyable. NZ$ 95.92. Read the product reports on the Flyshop web site to find out more. Most lines up to a six weight have a 20lb core, while the big seven weights and heavier usually have a 30lb core. It’s probably a good idea to keep a variety of colours on you, some bright, some dull. It Floats The driving technology introduced in Airflo's series of lines is a new polymer coating which Airflo designed as a solution to the aforementioned lack of high floating performance, eventually earning it the SuperDRI moniker. Typically lines with long front tapering sections are very soft and supple so they become a joy to cast with at short to mid range distances. Choice, mate NZ$ 95.92. We like the fact that Airflo want the best for the New Zealand and Australian markets, they are happy to develop new products and to maintain a quality that our market demands. Airflo Fly Fishing Fly Line: From an original idea back in 1982, Airflo are the industry’s leading manufacturer of speciality fly lines. The WT (walk-thru) model is the natural follow-up to the original 2250, launched in 2019. Airflo has previously introduced the first ever welded loops on fly lines, polyurethane coatings, low-stretch cores, and the world’s first density-compensated fly lines. You see, unlike most textured lines, the Ridge’s texture actually runs parallel to the line itself. It has a retail value of over $250,000 and will be drawn shortly after the show’s close on May 16, 2021. airflo superdry tropical floating lines. Sign up to receive the latest news and fishing reports. We know Shimano make some of the greatest fishing products on the market, so here is a feast for the eyes. Shop the right line for every fish at RIO. 1,402 were here. Since hitting the global market, the 2250 has become one of the most popular Stabicraft vessels in what was already a pretty impressive fleet. Braided cores are usually found in floating lines. People are also aerialising more line to help them feel the rod load and unload. This may only seem fractional, but due to the reduction in line weight, the head of your fly line is now able to pick up a longer length of running line on the final delivery. Spawning fish sit on the bottom of the river meaning line colour is less important. $119.99. Even the best fly rod’s casting quality can be demoted with an incorrect or low-quality fly line. Long front tapering lines allow the angler to slow down their casting stroke for maximum control in tight bush-lined streams. Airflo Airflo Fly Lines at Glasgow Angling Centre. Innovation is the key at Airflo; developments such as RIDGE Technology, density compensation, low stretch power core and unrivalled welded loops are all Airflo innovations and really set our fly lines apart. Longer bellied fly lines cast further and are accurate over distance. The Airflo Streamer Max Fly Fishing Line is designed with a fast sinking shooting head combined with a floating running line. For us Airflo not only represents the worlds leading fly line technology but also the most advanced leaders and tippets, and a high quality value for money rod selection that we are able to design for the NZ and Australian markets. When shorter casting is needed the use of rods that are softer in the tip are necessary, a line with a short belly will load these fly rods quicker and the long front taper of the presentation line will turn the flies over with accuracy. Licences are available now and the photo on the licence was the winner of the 2020 Fish & Game Fishing Licence Photo competition. We advise getting expert advice. Advanced fishing Early reports indicate there is some excellent fishing to be had this coming season. Free shipping on all orders over £50 to UK mainland! As the rod has become faster and lighter the tapers of the line have had to change to balance the set correctly. Give a new feel to your fly fishing with Airflo Sixth Sense: Power Core technology; Extreme low stretch – only 6% compared to 20% on normal lines ... Airflo Forty Plus Fly Line. NZ$ 119.90. A floating line with almost zero memory, that casts easier, further and floats higher when required and importantly 100% lasts longer than any other flyline full stop. airflo chard tropical punch floating. Just add fish and it's a match made in heaven. At the start of each running line is a 20’ ‘Low Compression Zone’ another Airflo initiative that improves haul speed and makes the line feel really slick on very long casts. Price: $99.95 - $99.99 & Free Return on some sizes and colors ... Strike Indicator New Zealand Tool 4.6 out of 5 stars 345. My Cart 0. SuperFlo is quite simply the greatest fly line we have ever produced. Post Navigation. More on the aggressive side than the Elite presentation taper, the Forge delivers a non-ridged, general-purpose taper capable of achieving superb accuracy with little dries, yet will roll over a big stonefly or double tungsten nymph without a second thought. Description The Airflo Shovelhead Fly Line was designed by the streamer guru himself, Kally Galloup. $119.99. A fisherman's guide to fly lines Polyurethane based lines have much higher chemical resistance, but also a slightly harder surface area. They are not quite as supple in the hand but can be used hard for a couple of seasons without a drop in performance. Short rear tapers create lots of energy for a fast casting stroke. After posting a topic on the New Zealand Fly Fishing Forum in relation to fishing our larger southern Stillwater’s I received a few emails from readers that really hit home; the average kiwi angler has never really had the opportunity to get out there and play with a range of equipment! Airflo Forty Plus Fly Line. Game . Conditions are often windy in the large river valleys and this is where the long bellied fly lines work extremely well. "New Zealand is one of the world's great fishing countries. Monocore sinking lines allow all the air to be extruded from the line so more consistent sink rates can be achieve, even with different weights of line. This section varies in length depending on the length of the taper of the head being used. "Getting your licence signals that winter is over, spring is here, and Christmas is coming, which means your favourite little stream, lake or river will be open soon for fishing," Fish & Game New Zealand Chief Executive Martin Taylor says. The core of the matter Don’t taper out Nowadays fly lines are made from some of the most expensive and durable plastics on the market, so they last longer and cast further than ever before. airflo flats master tropical intermed. The outer surface of the line carries hydrophobic properties to help repel water and dirt. A fisherman's guide to fly lines Subtly different conditions often require niche fly lines. airflo cold saltwater intermediate. Advanced fly lines Related. Low diameter running lines are a key element of making a line come to life, giving both the head and the rod increased line/recovery speed that really make you smile when you cast. Airflo Sixth Sense Sinking Fly Lines. Airflo are the only company who extrude Polyurethane as a super tough coating on our fly lines. $119.99. NZ$ 119.90. Shop online or call us today! Put simply, it works. Helps improve the lines casting ability. The right fly line is very important. Though Airflo didn't create the fly line, Airflo’s creativity and invention continues to improve fly fishers’ experiences the world over. They trap air for better buoyancy and stretch more when under load, which helps when playing fish in close. Airflo’s brand new SuperFlo Series, is the product we have always wanted to offer and finally have a floating line that will seriously improve your experience on the water. NZ$ 119.90. They've also come out with great innovations like low-stretch cores, ridged fly lines, and PVC free lines. Fly vest sports outdoors from fishpond co nz airflo stripping basket fly nz ltd airflo outlander vest mens stratus x vest merinoloft icebreaker fishing vests sports outdoors from fishpond co nz. When nymphing lakes without an indicator something is needed to detect subtle takes and the bright fly line allows the angler to focus on the tip of the line so any movement can be struck at quickly. Itís the most important hundred dollars in your arsenal - after your flies. This area of the fly line sits near the rod tip during the final false cast. A one-minute stroll through specialist store Rod and Reel in Newmarket, Auckland, revealed the sheer scale of lines available to the modern angler. A brighter line can be seen from far away so mending becomes easy giving better drag free drifts. Fly Reels; My Cart 0. Now with Flo technology, we are able to smoothly transfer to running line diameters as lows as 0.85mm on the same line. Stabicraft has just launched its exciting new 2250 Ultracab WT. Fly Rods. AirFlo Vector Rod + FlyLab Ultra Reel + AirFlo Velocity Fly Line + Leader & Backing - $309.96 ONLY $219.99! A fisherman's guide to fly lines When targeting spawning fish I prefer to use a more visible line that I can follow at a long distance when casting big. Instagram. NZ$ 95.92. REAR TAPER: The shape of the rear taper will dictate how smoothly a fly line can be delivered. A combination of good weather before the southerly change hit meant anglers were able to celebrate this tradition with gusto. Keeping the surface of the fly line clean helps it float higher and cast more efficiently for longer periods. TROUT BOSS WF FLOATING A fisherman's guide to fly lines Beautifully packaged the new Cortland Trout Boss weight forward floating line is designed to load fast action rods quickly for tighter loops and extra distance. The Caddis Fly Shop has the expertise and can deliver a superior fly line for Spey and Switch rod fishing from RIO and Airflo. Oops! Airflo Streamer Max Running Line. Every river you cross is a fishing opportunity. Check out the new SIMRAD command unit in action with Stabicraft and the team from Ocean Sports Marine in Whakatane. FRONT TAPER: The length and diameter of the front taper will dictate how the fly is presented on the water. They are the the originators of Polyurethane coatings, created the first welded loops, developed low stretch cores and even the worlds first density compensated flylines. Are you looking for an outdoor activity for your kids these school holidays? The Bandit is the most popular general purpose line for every day use, the Elite is the presentation taper, while the Ballistic is for the backcountry and windy conditions, the Hero is the distance line The core determines the lineís strength and stiffness. Loop Fly Reels Fly Lines Floating Lines Sinking Lines Shooting Heads & Running Lines Spey Tippet & Leader Material ... Airflo fly rods from Manic tackle, now with the Airflo Quick Fix Service to get you back on the water ASAP if you suffer any rod damages. We develop the galaxy’s best fly lines, so more anglers catch more fish. Airflo Atom 9' Fly rod combo, comes complete with Airflo Atom rod, Acid Reel, Airflo Bandit fly line and backing Brands. They needed to be dried after every day fishing otherwise the line would rot. BELLY: The belly has the largest diameter through the fly line. Blog. A good line for stripping booby flies. With more Kiwis holidaying at home this year the time is right to have a go at fishing when you are camping, tramping or just visiting your local lake, river or stream. CDC – Complete density control, allows us to change density and water repellent levels appropriate to the situation a line is used – for instance, a Long distance Lake Line will have lower buoyancy levels than a Presentation line designed to float high at short range on a bumbling stream. These guys are great friends and great anglers, which is the perfect combination to create a business partnership in this industry. A fisherman's guide to fly lines Change has been driven by advancements in fly rod technology. Because tungsten is so heavy the diameter of the sinking fly line is greatly reduced making sinking fly lines much easier to cast than floating lines, this helps them to cut through the air much faster as they are dense and have less surface area. NZ$ 119.90. Why not try fishing? View / Add. Its genius lies in its very inception. It helps to be aware that the major players in the New Zealand market are Airflo, Rio, Scientific Anglers and Cortland. About Airflo Fly Lines Airflo lines have gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years - and with good reason. Stabicraft and the all new SIMRAD command, Catcing the Biggest Trout you've ever seen, The new Stabicraft 2250 Ultracab WT is the ultimate tourer. Stunning landscapes and epic fishing. The density of the coating determines whether the fly line will sink or float. Airflo Forge fly line. Great for tight casting situations. With advancements in technology come increased choice and complexity. These lines have less memory and the core allows some stretch ñ useful when playing large fish in close quarters. Log In or Register. These are a fast action standard 8ft 4wt, 9ft 6wt, and 8wt to cover most fishing scenarios on offer. A range of densities make this a versatile line series. Air-Lock Fly Fishing Strike Indicator 6 Pack 4.7 out of 5 stars 47. It includes a Surtees 7.5-metre 750 Game Fisher enclosed cabin, a Yamaha F250 4-stroke outboard complete with Helm Master EX boat control system, a custom tandem Hosking trailer, a comprehensive Garmin electronics package and much more. The just announced Surtees/Yamaha Grand Prize for the 2021 Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show will again be a huge incentive for Kiwi boaties and fishers to attend the country’s largest, longest-running and most popular boat show. Airflo Floating Fly Lines Picked to preform in New Zealand's harsh environments Airflo Floating Fly Lines are proving themselves time and again. An even denser line than the Deep 3, the Deep 5 is good for deeper lake drop offs and to swing wet flies in heavy rivers. Most New Zealanders hate bright orange fly lines but they can be handy when drift fishing on smaller lakes with a team of flies. The advancements in fly line technology over the last ten years have been huge. As a rule sink tip lines allow anglers to reach deeper in the water column while maintain the control to throw a mend. Flyfishing-Fly rods -AIRFLO Rod & Reel Tackle are your Fresh and Saltwater Fishing specialists. A long front taper will land a fly gently by dissipating energy through its length. With the inclusion of our new “FLO” technology, we are now able to produce a line that has running lines slimmer in diameter than our competitors, without any of the durability issues associated with PVC. Fly line anatomy A fisherman's guide to fly lines TIP: Level section at the end of the fly line allowing the user to change leaders without cutting into the front taper. View / Add. A shorter front taper will transfer energy faster making it more aggressive – great for heavy flies. As a result, these remarkable lines maintain suppleness across their length, and produce far less noise and rod guide friction than their competitors. The XLS and the new ICT are ideal for our local conditions. Whilst the running lines are made from a harder skin, to make them handle well and last even longer. Freshwater anglers are eagerly anticipating the start of the new trout and salmon fishing season, which begins on October 1. A fly line consists of two major properties, the core and the coating. Website by Wild Paradise Enterprises Menu Sitemap. ... 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