Later, while a musician houseguest plays his guitar, Forrest dances, moving awkwardly due to his leg braces. Unsatiated, Jim starts hallucinating, imagining that the Prospector is a large, luscious chicken. Over the next few days, the three men live together uneasily, their hunger growing as the storm rages on. After watching Burns teach Korean mess hall boy Ho-jon to learn English by reading the Bible out loud, Duke and Hawkeye decide the sixteen-year-old would have more fun practicing with. The boys publish their tiny newspaper, but Taylor's gang steals the papers and injures some of the boys. Harris orders Elias and Barnes to make a report when they return to base camp, and promises there will be a court-martial if he finds that Barnes’s actions were illegal. His parents soon have a party so they can boast of their son's academic achievements and his bright prospects in business. After once again getting nowhere with Adrian, Rocky visits her brother, meat packer Paulie Pennino, to ask why she disdains him. After Deckard attempts to shoot him, Batty breaks two of his fingers then allows him time to run away. Balthasar soon realizes that Judah is not that man, but the two strike up a friendship. Taking the money, Mookie says he must go see his son and walks away. Forrest and Jenny become close friends, and, one day, when bullies throw rocks at Forrest, Jenny instructs him to run. At the Sarah Siddons Society's annual banquet, imperious theater critic Addison DeWitt, playwright Lloyd Richards and his wife Karen, producer Max Fabian and legendary actress Margo Channing watch as Eve Harrington is presented with the theater's most prestigious award. Riff asks Tony to attend a dance at the gym, an area considered neutral territory where Riff can present the challenge to Bernardo, the Shark’s leader. Blade Runners are responsible for disabling, or “terminating,” them. Two men are killed by an explosive booby trap, while another soldier, Manny, goes missing. At court the next day, Roger and his lawyer describe his abduction and near murder, prompting the judge to order an investigation by county detectives. Evelyn later identifies Hollis at the morgue and refutes Escobar's suggestion that her husband committed suicide, claiming that they were trying to work out their problems over his affair. To pay his legal fees, Jake smashes his championship belt to pry out the jewels, only to be informed by the pawnbroker that the belt was worth much more intact. Taylor wakes up the next day, surrounded by corpses. Michael places Steven in the care of soldiers in a and continues on foot alone. Having learned that Kaplan has checked out of the hotel and is heading for Chicago, Roger sneaks aboard the Twentieth Century Limited. When Barbara Jean is released from the hospital, Glenn and Green bid her goodbye at the elevator. Paine defends Jeff, and after he is sworn in, enraged Jeff goes on a rampage, slugging the reporters, who label him an "honorary stooge." Deprecating their abilities as gold diggers, Sally apologizes to Brian, who shares her remorse, and the couple reconciles. Later, at the beach house, Annie wants to smoke a joint before making love, and suggests that Alvy might not need a psychiatrist if he resorted to marijuana. He tells the nurse an old saying of his mother’s: “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” Forrest explains that he was named after an ancestor, General Nathan Forrest, who started the Ku Klux Klan, a racist organization. Jackson confirms that the man on the train does not match photographs of Dietrichson, and Keyes subsequently has Phyllis followed by detectives. After they evade the gangsters, Jerry suggests they call the police, but Joe reminds him they will not be safe from Spats in any part of Chicago in spite of the police. The boy finally tells his mother, Lynn, about his interaction with ghosts. Etta joins in the next several heists and, soon, Butch and Sundance develop a reputation as. Although Cross genuinely admired Hollis for "making this town," he admits to murdering him so that water could be brought to the Valley. One afternoon, Natalia summons Sally and as Natalia tearfully confides her love for Fritz, Sally realizes that he must have pounced. Over the next few hours, Jeff drifts in and out of sleep and sees the salesman coming and going with his case. Charley criticizes Terry for seeing Edie, and Friendly orders Terry back to working in the ship hold. As Da Mayor tries to stop them all from arguing, Mookie grabs a trash can and throws it through the window of the pizzeria, inciting a riot in which the shop is destroyed. Elster consoles Scottie, asserting that it was his fault for getting Scottie involved, and tells him that he is moving to Europe. When the doorbell rings, an exhausted Eve asks Phoebe to take care of things. Production Company: Horizon-American Pictures, Inc.. Schindler again reprimands Itzhak Stern for his charitable hiring practices. However, Weinstock, knowing the police are after Sal, insists on taking more time before agreeing to Charnier’s price. Woody attempts to repay the favor by saving Buzz with a radio-controlled car. When he sees that there is a party waiting for him, Michael avoids his friends and goes to a motel. When an injured Steven becomes unhinged and refuses to play, he is beaten and put in a watery pit to die. Lo and behold, Andy is given an impressive action figure called Buzz Lightyear. He asks for permission for his daughter Esther to marry a free man, and says that she wants to ask Judah personally for permission. Later, he sits with fellow cab drivers in an all-night cafeteria, and they discuss the various acts of violence they've encountered. Alex, the leader of one of the gangs, and his “droogs,” Pete, Georgie and Dim, distinguish themselves by wearing all-white, cod pieces, bowler hats and walking canes as the spend their nights committing rapes, muggings and beatings for entertainment. During a rainstorm that night, Johnnie sneaks into a home for shelter, but finds himself trapped under the dining room table when a group of Union officers seat themselves to discuss their battle plans. Satisfied that Snow White is doomed, the queen rushes back toward her castle but is chased by the Dwarfs and falls to her death off a cliff. Ellie then telephones her father and gives herself up because she thinks Peter has deserted her. Prior to the start of the fighting, Arrius orders a subordinate to chain and lock the rowers' shackles to their posts, but leave 41's unlocked. He screams at Zuzu's teacher on the telephone, then leaves after a confrontation with Mary. Da Mayor passes by the house of an older woman named Mother Sister, and she accuses him of being a drunk. After another quarrel, they meet on the next bus, which is forced to stop due to a washed-out bridge. The next day, Michael visits Linda. Still pointing his gun at Pumpkin, he hands over the money in his wallet, and instructs him and Honey Bunny to leave. Earlier, back at Brett’s apartment, Vincent and Jules are poised to leave with the briefcase when another man rushes out of the bathroom, shooting at them but missing with every shot. As Scottie presses her about why she jumped into the bay, and about “where” and “when” she currently is, Madeleine relates that she feels like she is walking down a long corridor, covered with mirrored fragments that reflect a life not her own, yet familiar. At the meeting, Warden explains that he plans to lead a team into Burma to blow up the bridge and asks Shears to join them. 323.856.7600 323.467.4578. At a table, Deckard aims a camera at Rachael’s eye and monitors the movement of her pupils as she answers roughly one hundred questions. Bill is willing, but Mary tells Triplette they are Democrats and that Walker is crazy. Blanche turns on the radio and dances by herself, but Stanley is distracted by the music and flies into a drunken rage, during which he beats Stella. That evening, at the gym where the dance is held, Bernardo is introducing Maria to other Puerto Ricans, when several members of the Jets arrive. Although the women tease the men that life in America is better than in their home country, the men complain that it is only better if you are white. Big Mac and one of his henchmen rig a crane to slip, and a load of boxes crashes down upon Kayo, killing him in front of Terry. As the church bells peal, they exit the church, walking arm in arm. Word soon spreads to Rome of the slave rebellion, causing outrage in the senate. In this podcast, we will discuss, debate, and grade the AFI (American Film Institute's) Top 100 Greatest American Films of All Time. He meets with Easy Andy who sells, among other things, guns. The day before his release, Alex is presented on a stage before an audience of government officials and other authorities to prove the treatment’s validity. Emilio takes them to Scar's village, where they finally meet their elusive enemy, who explains that because his two sons were killed by white men, he has taken many white scalps in revenge. Steve, whose father is prominent in the Moose Lodge, delivers the organization’s scholarship check to Curt, but his friend is having second thoughts and confides that he may instead attend the local city college for a year. At the inn, while awaiting Gandalf, Frodo draws attention to himself by putting on the ring and disappearing, thus betraying his location to Sauron. Lecter overhears and calls Clarice back. Assuming it is cocaine, she snorts the drug and accidentally overdoses. Munny mounts his horse and shouts that the people of Big Whiskey better give Ned Logan a proper burial and stop mistreating prostitutes, or he will come back to kill everyone. Determined to make good, Lucky accepts Watson's challenge and with his friend, magician Everett "Pop" Cardetti, and his lucky quarter, hops a train to the city. As Vincent Vega emerges from the bathroom, Butch shoots him dead. Everyone in the room cheers and Saunders jumps for joy. As Henry spends increasing amounts of time with his mistress, Janice Rossi, Karen becomes suspicious, and tracks down Janice at her apartment. In one of the battles, Frodo narrowly escapes death, but is saved by a magic vest he is wearing, a gift from Bilbo. Cast: Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall, Martin Sheen, Writer: John Milius|86470||Francis Ford Coppola|52754, Editor: Walter Murch|153544||Gerald B. Greenberg|235047||Lisa Fruchtman|235048, Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Gladys George, Cast: Al Pacino, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton, Producer: Robert Evans|131692||Francis Ford Coppola|52754, Writer: Francis Ford Coppola|52754||Mario Puzo|190340, Cast: Michael Berryman, Peter Brocco, Dean R. Brooks, Producer: Saul Zaentz|178255||Michael Douglas|111433, Writer: Lawrence Hauben|96236||Bo Goldman|217881, Editor: Lynzee Klingman|249745||Sheldon Kahn|228502, Cast: Adriana Caselotti, Harry Stockwell, Lucille LaVerne, Writer: Ted Sears|144868||Richard Creedon|129755||Otto Englander|119814||Dick Rickard|38705||Earl Hurd|42475||Merrill De Maris|111032||Dorothy Ann Blank|41200||Webb Smith|154291. Aware that Marsellus might have already sent a hitman after him, Butch risks a trip back home to retrieve the watch. Jake then drives to the Canyon Drive house and gruffly asks Evelyn if the glasses belonged to Hollis. The Mountain Girl, who loves Prince Belshazzar of Babylon, learns of the plot and tries to warn the prince, but she arrives too late. The pursuit ends at a pawnshop, where Butch and Marsellus are unexpectedly kidnapped by the sadistic shop owner, Maynard. During the hunt, Michael shoots and kills a buck. Mickey, for whom Rocky’s fight represents his last stab at success, shuffles out in defeat, but outside stops to listen as Rocky explodes in anger, shouting that this lucky break has come too late for him and he is sure to be beaten badly. Upon arriving in a small, dusty village in Bolivia, Sundance expresses disgust with the primitive surroundings. When he is asked if he likes being at the asylum, McMurphy responds that Ratched is not honest, that she “likes a rigged game.” Spivey tells McMurphy that he diagnoses no evidence of mental illness, prompting McMurphy to make silly faces and other odd movements, and ask, “Is this crazy enough for you?” As the men are preparing to go on an outing, McMurphy impulsively asks Bromden to help him over the barbed wire fence around the hospital. One night in Saigon, Nick stumbles into a secret lair where spectators bet on men voluntarily playing Russian roulette. The natives struggle to follow the English psalm, but race outside when they hear Canadian Charlie Allnut's ancient launch the, In 1936 South America, archeologist-professor Indiana “Indy” Jones explores the jungle for a golden godhead. Dryden, a civilian member of the Arab Bureau, selects Lt. T. E. Lawrence, an enigmatic twenty-nine-year-old scholar, to evaluate the Arab revolt. As the reporters swarm him with questions, Rocky bats them away and shouts Adrian’s name. Production Company: Alfred J. Hitchcock Productions, Inc., Paramount Pictures Corp. After their child was born, however, the man took the child and deserted Carlotta, who went mad and committed suicide. When the lion faints from fright, Dorothy rebukes the Wizard for scaring him, and the Wizard agrees to grant their requests if they will first prove themselves worthy by bringing him the broomstick of the Witch of the West. He coasts into the driveway of a dilapidated 1920s mansion and hides the car in an empty garage. As they begin their trek through the jungle, they receive a radio transmission from headquarters informing them that a special train carrying troops and VIPs is scheduled to inaugurate the bridge on the thirteenth, and ordering them to carry out the demolition on that day. While on the lot, Joe sees Betty, who is busy revising his story, and agrees to collaborate with her on the script in her off-hours. That night, he stops a drunken man from drowning himself. The altercation ends amicably, and Charlie calls off the wedding. The wealth and position of the socially prominent Lord family of Philadelphia has made Tracy, the eldest daughter, into an imperious and haughty shrew. Crushed, Carol leaves his car and runs down the street, but John drives over to her rescue when a car full of young men taunt her. Phyllis then shoots Walter, but is unable to kill him. As her car goes toward New York, Peter passes it, going in the opposite direction, but Ellie does not see him. When Beethoven’s ninth symphony is then played, Alex spontaneously imagines scenes of public fornication and happily announces that he is “cured indeed.”. Upon Blake’s request for additional help, surgeons Duke Forrest and Hawkeye Pierce are sent to the 4077th. He then visits the local pet store in the hope of winning over the painfully shy clerk, Adrian Pennino, but she barely responds to his efforts. He makes his way to Iris’ room as the timekeeper, still alive, comes after him. One night, Cole sees the ghost of a vomiting girl. As a car plunges into the water, the Confederate Army fires at the approaching Union troops who are fording the river. She agrees, stipulating that if the law should reach them there, she will not stay to watch them die. He receives two life sentences, to be served at the Shawshank State Penitentiary. The gospel choir joins her and, as the crowd claps in time, she sings, “You may say that I ain’t free, but it don’t worry me.”. When Norma discovers Joe is a Sagittarius, she is convinced of their compatibility and hires him to edit her lengthy screenplay for $500 per week and puts him up in a room over her garage. Blatant in her seductive maneuvers, she soon has the nervous and inexperienced Ben meeting her regularly at the Taft Hotel. Each day, Rocky runs through the neighborhood, receiving the well-wishes of the locals. Walking further into the marsh, The Woman gathers some bulrushes and tells The Man to use them to keep afloat after capsizing his boat. He reunites with his wife, Emilie, and promises to be faithful to her. After the droogs shove balls into the mouths of Alexander and his wife and wrap their heads in tape, Alex rapes Mrs. Alexander as Mr. Alexander watches helplessly. Stunned by Saunders' revelations, Jeff rushes to Paine's house to confront him, but Paine tries to smooth-talk him. Thornton and his bounty hunters arrive to collect the bodies of the ransomed outlaws; but when all except Thornton ride out of town, they are shot down by Sykes and the peasants from Angel's village. Even though he is fascinated by her dangerous beauty, Sam turns Brigid in for the murder of his partner. As the train whistle is heard in the distance, Nicholson spots the wires and calls Saito to go with him and investigate. During the last century of the Roman Republic, thousands are born enslaved to either the privileged class known as patricians or the wealthiest of the commoners, known as plebeians. The next day, Al meets Fred at Butch's and asks him if he is in love with Peggy. Unaware that he is a widower, Delilah commends his loyalty. When the camp’s commander, Col. Saito, imperiously informs the new prisoners that they will all be expected to work on building a railroad that will connect Bangkok to Rangoon, Nicholson protests that under the regulations of the Geneva Convention, all officers are exempt from manual labor. Stanley then tells Stella that he has learned that Blanche was fired for seducing a seventeen-year-old student, and that she has a notorious reputation. In April 1944, a Nazi edict requires that buried Jewish bodies be exhumed and burned. When they are alone, Bill asks Margo to marry him, as he has many times before, and when she says no, he walks out. However, when Anita enters the candy store, the Jets, suspicious of her motives, prevent her from finding Tony, then attempt to rape her. Meanwhile, Betty receives a telegram from Artie, who is filming in Arizona, asking her to marry him immediately. Back at Nazi base camp, Indy disguises himself as an Arab and is joyous to find Marion alive. At the end of a tense weekend, Lloyd and Karen are driving Margo to the train station when the car suddenly runs out of gas. Production Company: Stanley Kramer Productions, Inc. One of the workers allows three of his gold teeth to be pulled, to fabricate a gold ring as a parting gift for Schindler. That night, Scottie goes to Ernie’s, a popular restaurant, so that he can see Madeleine for the first time as she dines with her husband. Batty convinces Sebastian that he needs to speak to Tyrell directly, and they go along with Pris to Tyrell’s headquarters. Terry and Debbie then return to Mel’s to get ice for his bruised face, and Steve, who has realized he does not want to leave Laurie, learns from others that she is riding around with Falfa. Emboldened, the other slaves follow suit and escape, forming an “army” that travels across the countryside, looting landowners and freeing slaves, who then join the swelling ranks. Strong winds, however, repeatedly blow the little man back inside, and soon after, Jim is also swept into the cabin. In the morning, Duane admits that if he had married Jacy, her father would have forced them to get an annulment, too. Meanwhile, although Rosa and Lassparri are set to perform. Some time later, Jake goes to Catalina Island to the Albacore Club to see Cross, whom he has learned is Evelyn’s father. Although Jake smothers him with hugs and kisses, Joey, still angry, shrugs him off. When Joe refuses, Ryker’s men start to intimidate him until Shane suddenly reappears at Joe’s side. At 10:30 on a quiet morning in 1870, three outlaws ride into the western town of Hadleyville just as its marshal, Will Kane, is being married to a pretty Quaker named Amy Fowler. When Scottie continues to question her, Madeleine reveals her fear that she is insane and will die soon. Though discouraged, Jeff resolves to keep fighting, but after he gives one last speech to Paine, he collapses from exhaustion after the almost twenty-four hour filibuster. After serving forty years, Red is paroled. Sonny and Duane have breakfast at the café, run by salty-tongued waitress Genevieve, and discuss their usual Saturday night plans of seeing the “picture show” and necking with their girl friends in the pickup they jointly own. 2021 North Western Avenue On the eve of his wedding, Dr. David Huxley, a dedicated paleontologist at the Stuyvesant Museum of Natural History, is sent by his fiancée and assistant, Alice Swallow, to play golf with Alexander Peabody, the lawyer for Mrs. Carleton Random, a potential million-dollar donor to the museum. There, musicians onstage invite Tom to sing and, after performing with Bill and Mary, Tom, alone, sings a recently written song that he dedicates to an unnamed special woman. A sudden storm shatters their calm, awakening The Wife. Woody and Buzz oversee a spy mission to observe the unveiling of Andy’s new toys. Cloudy, who attempts to defend his partner, later visits Popeye’s apartment and finds him handcuffed to the bed by a young sexual partner. Apologizing for Miggs’s rudeness, he offers Clarice a clue, urging her, “Look deep within yourself.” He also instructs her to look up his former client, Miss Moffet. He shoots Little Bill and three more men, then warns the rest to flee unless they want to die. One day, as Andy’s family prepares for an outing to Pizza Planet, his mother tells him he can only take one toy to the restaurant. The Kid boasts that he has killed five people, and asks Munny about a notorious shootout in Jackson County, in which he was rumored to have killed two deputies who had him cornered at close range. Insisting that they cannot get involved with each other, Eve demands that Roger depart. Lieutenant Wolfe, the platoon commander, believes he should be the one giving orders and confronts Barnes, who agrees begrudgingly. ", In 1941, at a boxing match in Cleveland, Ohio, pandemonium breaks out when Jake La Motta, an up-and-coming young boxer, loses a decision to Jimmy Reeves, suffering his first loss and igniting a brawl in which audience members are trampled underfoot. When he returns home, Brian finds Sally sitting in the dark, depressed because her father has stood her up. He recalls meeting Annie in 1975, on a tennis date with his friend, Rob, and Rob’s girl friend, Janet. Upon hearing what the boys have done, Sam condemns their “trashy behavior” and bans them from entering his businesses. Finishing his exposition, Juror 4 offhandedly remarks that "everyone knows slums breed criminals," leading Juror 5, who until this point has remained silent, to declare with great dignity that he was raised in a slum. As neighbors gather around Joey’s body, his distraught sister Edie accuses parish priest Father Barry of hiding behind the church and not helping the neighborhood break free from the mob’s grip. That night, Renault and Strasser search for the killer at Rick's Café Americain, a popular nightclub run by the mysterious American expatriate Richard Blaine. Because Replicants were being used as slaves in “Off-world” colonies on other planets, they led a bloody revolt against humans and are no longer welcome on Earth. Although completely befuddled by the liquor, Roger revives sufficiently to drive erratically down the hill until he is picked up by police. Afterward, Joe meets Sugar on the pier as an unhappy Jerry talks Osgood into dining at a local roadhouse. That night during the band’s performance, Osgood sends Jerry an enormous bouquet, which Joe commandeers to give to Sugar with a card inviting her to dine with Junior. AFI 100 Years…100 Movies; AFI 100 Years…100 Quotes; TEN TOP TEN; See all lists; ... American Film Institute 2021 North Western Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90027-1657. Meanwhile, Harris orders the Air Force to “expend all remaining” within the surrounding perimeter. Production Company: Paramount Pictures, Inc. Walking to his apartment, he asserts that their weaknesses—his dim-wittedness and her timidity—make them perfect partners. Instead of coming, though, she sends him a farewell note, and Sam and Rick leave just ahead of the Nazis. After leaving Dietrichson's body on the tracks, Phyllis and Walter leave together in her car. Before he goes, Michael runs into Linda, who suggests they comfort each other with sex, but Michael insists he can’t stay in town any longer and leaves. Production Company: D'Antoni Productions, Inc. Tommy defends his actions, asserting that Spider would have become a “rat” like the rest of his family. They make it back to the Davis home just in time to see the moving truck pulling away. Did Scar Eat Mufasa and Keep His Bones for Toys? Nicoli has confronted the conductor and passengers with his gun drawn, and now shoots the conductor as the driver suffers a heart attack. When Martha again accompanies Green to the hospital to see Esther, she instead talks to Glenn. Before they leave Sid’s house, the two frighten Sid into submission, warning him never to mistreat his toys again. Henry gets a job working at the cabstand. On finding a fresh Comanche grave, the men unearth the body but are shocked when Ethan shoots out its eyes. I wonder if there's a way to say you can only have two titles on the list directed by the same person. The Union soldiers, now fearing for their lives, disconnect their last car in hopes of stopping The Texas. He desperately goes to Potter to borrow the money against the building and loan, or even his life insurance, but Potter dismisses him, taunting him that he is worth more dead than alive. Bryant arrives and says Deckard has four more Replicants to retire, including Rachael. Cross pulls Katherine away, shielding her eyes, as Jake stares at Evelyn’s body. Later order is restored and Ratched, now wearing a neck brace, regains control of the men, although they still play blackjack using cigarettes for money. Forty-five of the movies on the American Film Institute's 2007 list of the best ... By Kaytie Norman | Published Sep 21, 2020. who chose from a list of 400 nominated movies. As Shane mounts his horse and rides off, Joey, devastated and confused, cries after him to "come back.". Believing the noise to be coming from the dog, Harvey, the boy tosses a baseball inside the shed, but the ball is thrown back to him. The Man, restless and guilt-ridden, sneaks out of the house, leaving his guileless, loyal wife behind with their baby. As the matches begin, the patricians banter happily, undisturbed by the desperation of the fighting men. At the close of a murder trial conducted in a New York City courtroom, the judge gives the jury its final instructions, reminding them that a guilty verdict will mean an automatic death sentence for the defendant, a Puerto Rican youth accused of killing his father.