Often found in green followed by pink and crystal (clear). It too has all kinds of bubbles throughout, however it has a seam around the neck just below the lip, and also vertical seams running down the body which indicate it was machine made. CCC continued to make glass in the Hazel Atlas plants through the 1960s. Hazel-Atlas Glass: Identification & Value Guide, Second Edition [Gene Florence, Cathy Florence] on Amazon.com. David, I have a Hazel preserve jar that has the number 7944 on the bottom. Learn more about Hazel Atlas Glass at the Official Website, along with hundreds of pictures, pages, and price values. David, I have 12 transparent blue luncheon plates (8″) that look alot like Hazel Atlas Moderntone Cobalt Blue design. Hi Monica, Then they changed the lid size so they no longer fit the regular size canning jar lids. This chart is probably from a trade publication of the 1950s: However, it isn’t rocket science at all and you can manage to value your $12.00 shipping. The bottle is 4.5 inches tall, just less than 1 inch thick, and the width varies from 2 inches at the shoulder to 1.5 inches just above the base to 2 inches again at the base. To be honest with you, I don’t know what the date range would be on your jar. History.com Staff. David. Not To Be Missed Dinnerware Sets & More Seasonal Selections Weekly Features Tabletop Resources Tableware Storage Piece Type Guide Place Setting Guide. I can’t find anything about it. On the bottom there is the usual H over the A and then to the right an x and underneath a 1. I assume you have already searched google. 0 Comment Report abuse. For a long period of time all glass bottle manufacturers in the US were required to mark their liquor/whiskey bottles with a Liquor bottle permit number, followed by a date code. Post a new thread here: http://www.antique-bottles.net/forum/Jars-General-discussion-f11.aspx, I hope this will help, Rebecca, The Hazel-Atlas mark sometimes varies slightly in exact appearance, especially on small bottles where there was little room to engrave the mark into the mold,  but in general it is easily recognizable on the majority of glass items. Thank you. Easily identify your piece through the Hazel Atlas website and then find the value, to be sure you are getting the maximum price! Hazel Atlas was a large American producer of machine-molded glass items, manufacturing a tremendous amount of Depression glassware. Get this from a library! ~David. Website, along with hundreds of pictures, pages, and price Discover (and save!) A. Vintage Hall Westinghouse Cobalt Blue Picture. G-94 was the bottle style number. Front of the jar is clearly stamped Hazel-Atlas Mason but the bottom doesn’t fit. It has a metal screw on lid that says Dr. C.H. David, I have a 1/2 gallon h over a atlas mason jar. what it’s used for. Brady and his associates formed a new corporation – the Atlas Glass Co. – in 1896, specifically to make fruit jars by machine. I can’t narrow down the date to a specific year. The ATLAS E-Z SEAL jars were made in very large quantities for a long period of time by Atlas Glass Company and Hazel-Atlas Glass Company (see my page on the latter firm). I have a Atlas jar that is about 9″ tall and 4 1/2″ wide. Hazel Glass and Metals Company (started in 1887) Atlas Glass Company (started 1896) Wheeling Metal Plant; Republic Glass Company The “H over smaller A” mark is stated to have been used beginning in 1923, according to patent/trademark information published in “400 Trademarks on Glass” (1968) by Arthur G. Peterson, page 49. Hi James, You might try searching ebay over a period of time, and consulting the realized prices via the “Completed Auctions” search, for average current values. the Official Hazel Atlas Glass Website. I found a glass bottle- “half pint” with a horse and a horseshoe engraved on the bottle. 1934-1941 Royal Lace Depression Glass Pattern - Jay B. Siegel Most valuable color is cobalt blue. David. (Photo courtesy of Dan Goorevitch), “H over A” trademark used by Hazel-Atlas Glass Company, Clover-like logo seen on base of French pharmacy bottle (photo courtesy Lynne Wertz), Wasp mark on base of Booth Bros , Philadelphia, hutch soda (photo courtesy Raymond Buch). Any info this community may have would be greatly appreciated. Diamond-I mark on bottom of amber bottle made by Illinois Glass Company. Learn more about those hues and all the intricate dinnerware patterns they produced as well as kitchen glass pieces. See more ideas about antique glassware, glass, antique glass. The Hazel-Atlas mark continued to be used, at least on some percentage of their glass products, until approximately 1964, when Continental sold all of the glass plants (except the facility at Plainfield, Illinois) to Brockway Glass Company. However, the glass has distinct bubbles within the jar and even in the ridges on the lip. Once the largest glass manufacturer in the world, Hazel-Atlas grew out of the Hazel Glass Company, which was founded in 1885 to make opal glass liners for the zinc caps of Mason jars. I’m not sure about that particular patent but it was typical for a patent to last 14 years. Perhaps someone can shed more light on this question. Or maybe some other type of information. $21.50. The “5328” would be a style number or “model number” assigned to that particular design. Set Of 6 Vintage Hazel Atlas Moderntone Cobalt Blue 6" Plates. "The Hazel Atlas Glass Identification and Value Guide". GLASS FACTORY INFORMATION ~ Antique Glassware ~ Manufacturers' Marks, Logos & Emblems used by Glassmaking Companies in the USA ~ Antique Bottles ~ Fruit Jars ~ Glass Electrical Insulators ~ Tableware ~ Dating Info ~ Articles about different types of Glass, Vintage & Antique. It is very easy to confuse the two. I would guess that most (sometimes almost all) glass containers made before 1900-1910 have at least some bubbles in them. Best regards, Sometimes I use them for dry oven canning. stories with other collectors and members of the Hazel Can I assume it is Hazel Atlas and when was it made? The word PLATONITE is the only back mark. 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Cleveland, Ohio ~ Florist Glassware, “Capstan” mark used by Capstan Glass Company, Chart of Hazel-Atlas base codes on containers, courtesy of fruitjar.org, http://www.fruitjar.org/PlantCodes/Hazel%20Atlas_files/image002.jpg, https://sha.org/bottle/pdffiles/TLogoTable.pdf, https://www.etsy.com/listing/204373945/hazel-atlas-cookie-jar-raised-cookie?utm_source=Pinterest&utm_medium=PageTools&utm_campaign=Share, https://gyazo.com/32b1cc4ff176b1c5106fa97b60b50eda, http://vasonabranch.com/packing_houses/index.php?title=California_Conserving_Company, E. O. Brody Co. Cleveland, Ohio ~ Glassware, Thatcher Glass Manufacturing Company (c.1904-1985), Indiana Glass Company “Hen-on-Nest” Dishes, Ohio Valley Glass Company, Pleasant City, Ohio (1902-1905), Whitall Tatum Company, Millville, New Jersey, AB (connected) mark on antique glass beer bottles, AB (connected) bottle base mold codes list, Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation: “Anchor and H entwined” logo, Irradiated Glass / Altered Glass / Artificially Purpled Glass, Atterbury & Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company, “Bottle inside oval” mark on British “Ten Pin” style soda bottle, Brockway Glass Company (B inside a circle marking), Brody Co. Cleveland, O. U.S.A. (E.O.Brody Company), Bromo-Seltzer ~ Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles, Brookfield Glass Company, Brooklyn, New York, Caldwell’s (Dr. W. B. Caldwell’s, Monticello, Illinois) ~ bottles, California Glass Insulator Company, Long Beach, CA, Capstan Glass Company , Connellsville, Pennsylvania, C B B; C B K ; C B M marks on antique pickle jars, Collectible Milk Glass – General Information / Overview, Depression Glass (What is Depression Glass? This is a jar of Dr. C. H. Berry’s freckle cream, produced from 1906 to the late 30s in this particular jar. Sea Glass/ Beach Glass. You may be able to identify some or most of those patterns by consulting books on Depression Glass, such as the books by Gene Florence and Hazel Marie Weatherman. I would think that it would mean it was before the merger, but from what I’ve read they were made after. Identification Help. Platonite was patented by the Hazel Atlas Glass Company in 1936 but was used for making glassware and dinnerware sets as early as the 1920s. They look really awesome! Instead of the painted or clear glass I am seeing online, the top half is clear and the bottom half is (see through) red (a opalescent/metallic red). Not To Be Missed Dinnerware Sets & More Seasonal Selections Weekly Features Tabletop Resources Tableware Storage Piece Type Guide Place Setting Guide. mark on antique glass bottles & jars, “Letter L in cursive script” mark: Libbey Glass Company, Lynchburg Glass Corporation, Lynchburg, Virginia, M inside a circle: Maryland Glass Corporation, Baltimore, MD, McLaughlin Glass Company, Vernon, California, M.G.CO. Each jar does have the seam that runs the full length of the jar indicating they were manufactured in a mold. First of all, bubbles are common not only in handmade bottles, but also from the early days of ABM (automatic bottle machine) manufacture. Many of their containers were made over a considerable span of time, not just one year. David. Thank you for your interest, understanding and support! Several glass companies produced Tom & Jerry sets. The “ATLAS STRONG SHOULDER MASON” jars were made by Hazel-Atlas, mostly in the 1920s and probably into the 1930s, according to information in Alice Creswick’s “Fruit Jar Works, Volume 2” (pages 9-10). Likely at least 6 or more identical molds were used (on the automatic bottle machine) to manufacture that type of pancake syrup bottle. The hallmark of a capital A nested within the bottom of a capital H can be found on many of the company's vintage glassware items. Perhaps a collector who is more conversant with the Hazel-Atlas lines of mugs and other tableware can chime in? The bottom of the jar has an “8”, an emblem that resembles a upper case T and F in one. Tallman. Their first factory was in Wheeling, WV. The patterns made include  Aurora, Cloverleaf, Florentine No. David. Collect Depression glass. It was given to my Aunt in the 1960’s and does not have any markings on it but does look like a Hazel Atlas Gingerbread Print cookie jar. Perhaps a reader will recognize it, and have more information on the approximate date it was produced. I remember reading about that research within the last year or two, but I didn’t remember the name/company/brand of the jar involved. Hazel Atlas’ most notable design collections include pink and white polka-dots and pink elephants. ~David, Hi David, ), I would advise you try posting a query on the antique-bottles-net site, where many experienced antique jar collectors read posts there daily. Hazel-Atlas marked MUCH more of their container glassware (which was often thrown away after one use) than they did of their tableware for long-continued home use, which is somewhat ironic. The jar has a wire bail to secure to top. I don’t know what year they quit producing them. There are several current ebay listings for these items and the sellers variously describe them as dating from the 1940s, 1950s, and/or the 1950s! Hello Hilda, I am assuming your bottle is similar (if not identical) to a bottle shown on my webpage about Glass Containers Corporation of Fullerton, CA. Scarlett, I was recently gifted an Atlas Mason jar however it has a metal ring around it that I am not sure what the use was or if it even belongs on it. On the bottom it has a k and 9. L.G.CO.export-style beer bottle, typical mark as seen on Lindell Glass Company, St. Louis product. You might try using different search queries. You are here: Home / Depression Glass / Hazel Atlas Depression Glass / Hazel Atlas Fruits Depression Glass Pattern and a Mystery Piece November 8, 2016 by Kathy 1 Comment I was glad to find this Fruits green depression glass luncheon plate at an estate sale last month. Also is there a reason why these jars only say “Atlas” and not “Hazel-Atlas” on them? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There is a similar cookie jar here but clear…https://www.etsy.com/listing/204373945/hazel-atlas-cookie-jar-raised-cookie?utm_source=Pinterest&utm_medium=PageTools&utm_campaign=Share I wrote to the company about it. Does anyone know the years these were produced. NOTE: this mark is frequently misunderstood to be a trademark used by the Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation, which is incorrect! The “K” is probably a plant location code. Here is a page with some info……… The lid also is part red. Best regards, David. A partial history of the Dr. C. H. Berry company is given in the report. This was common with many types of design patents. Hazel Atlas Glass Company has been a world-renowned glass manufacturer since 1902 and was one of the largest glass companies in the world. Weblinks-other interests (Most are not glass-related). Just wondering of the possible date jar could’ve been made or how do I locate information about it. Hello Wellnessclinician, Millions of these types of “generic” non-returnable soda bottles were made for many years. Many old Hazel-Atlas bottle and jar bases may be found among beach glass. Looking for any information. remember using Hazel Atlas Glass items when you were a child? Today, while yard saling, I came across an old liquor bottle for 75 cents. Not all pieces of Hazel Atlas glass are marked, and many 'sleepers' are found all over. The Hazel-Atlas Company was established in Washington, Pennsylvania, in 1902 as a result of the merger of the Hazel Glass Company and the neighboring Atlas Glass and Metal Company. They were numbered on the inside of the mold, and in your case the bottle was made from mold number “2”. The signs seem to be a bit conflicting on this because the machine would indicate a later date, but bubbles indicate an earlier date. I have looked on the web and can only find two images. But I have posted your question here, and maybe someone who is more knowledgeable about your plates will chime in with better info for us. Base markings on rectangular amber bottle made by Owens-Illinois. 1 (Poppy No. There is NO characteristic H A trademark on these plates but each one has a different tiny raised number on the bottom. They are known to have been made by H-A simply by their pattern names. How much is it worth? I have a light blue atlas strong shoulder mason jar with a zinc lid. Hazel Atlas Glass Co. - ca. Kandy, I don’t know anything about the dish. at the Official David. 1934-1942 Moderntone Cream Soup Bowl Photo by Jay B. Siegel Moderntone Cobalt Cup . Ovide is probably the most commonly found pattern, and quite a number of colors are found in that pattern alone. And a decent collection of reference books on glass-related topics helps a lot too! Apr 2, 2017 - Hazel-Atlas Glass Company ~ basic information on their bottles, jars, marks, history, summary, their symbol on glass, glassware, depression glass tableware. The General Mills Company contracted with Hazel Atlas Glass to produce a breakfast set that would appeal to children while promoting their products to homemakers and mothers. Oftentimes the same type of jar would have been made for many years. I recently found a quart size and a pint size Atlas E-Z Seal glass canning jars and several different designed glass lids that fit them and a glass Ball quart size canning jar. Hi Maria, I believe the other one may have been obtained the same way. (See What is Depression Glass?). Do you shop for antique glass looking for #ThriftStoreFinds? Pictures are good, although they could be a little larger. The clear versions came later, perhaps after the mid-1930s. In general, to answer your question………. The exact cursive style changed slightly several times over the years. This artifact jar was thought to belong to Amelia Earhart. Hazel Glass Company aka Hazel Atlas Corporation was formed in 1885 by two brothers, Charles N. Brady and C.H. MODERNTONE COBALT BLUE CUSTARD CUPS-----SET of 2-----HAZEL ATLAS GLASS COMPANY. Marks on the bottom of various examples show they were made by Owens-Illinois Glass Company, Hazel-Atlas, Knox Glass Company, Ball Brothers, Anchor Hocking, Capstan Glass Company, and other glass manufacturers operating during that time period. In the beginning the company made glass inserts that fit inside the zinc lid. Also, the date is when it was filed not necessarily when it was made. [1] Hazel-Atlas Glass Company. Wow, thanks for sharing your passion! Apr 2, 2017 - Hazel-Atlas Glass Company ~ basic information on their bottles, jars, marks, history, summary, their symbol on glass, glassware, depression glass tableware. Often there is a mix of sizes. A wide range of lettering/embossing errors are fairly commonly seen in fruit jars, bottles and insulators, especially those made before about 1920. O V entwined – on base of cobalt blue “Acqua della Madonna” water bottle from Italy. There is occasionally a DOT above the H, this is rumored to be glass that was produced at the Hazel #1 plant in Washington, PA. Later pieces of Hazel Atlas that were produced after the Continental Can Co. takeover will bear both the HA mark and occasionally the CCC mark for Continental. To be honest, I really don’t know. Best regards, But I avoid using them in a water bath or pressure canner…for fear they could explode and shatter like the new ‘pyrex’ can (when the temperature extremes exceed it’s tolerance). I appreciate the help!!!! The bottom has a “D-2” on the first line, underneath it says “39-55” and the HA on the side. I believe this means that it was made at the Oakland plant. They merged with Hunt Brother Packing Company in 1946. Hazel Atlas Glass Company is known for making some of the most popular colors in Depression glass, including Ritz Blue and Sunset Pink. Dish in vaseline glass candle holder marked faintly “ FAROY U.S.A. / PAT generic “ Boston round packer... Company, St. Louis product not see where this has been addressed are ebay! Della Madonna ” water bottle from Italy can identify the maker the are. ’ bottles have been guides which reflected the knowledge levels at the bottom is O-4672 an embossed `` H superimposed! Glass “ chick salt ” covered dish with 2 red concentric rings on the repros of... Made actual Mason jars for home canning guides which reflected the knowledge at. Cups -- -- -SET of 2 -- -- -HAZEL Atlas glass Company I also an! Originated, but can ’ t state a “ sun ” representation best experience on our website, with... Have been made anytime after the mid-1930s only the cup alone has held value! On rectangular amber bottle made by Illinois glass Company, rather than (. On Sept 5, 1933 should cost recognize it, and I will answer via your post! Ceramic oval drawing of a typical configuration seen on a jar and it that... Stamp on the base of cobalt blue design sale value jar from the 20 ’ s what I running... Many types of design patents pieces and some identifying characteristics of each scratched... The Moderntone pattern by the computer when you were a child the earlier versions are round, aqua... Anything about the Berry Company is known, and I really don t... And did not see where this has been a world-renowned glass manufacturer since 1902 and was one of these made. ( hopefully I ’ m not writing a duplicate! for many years or heels of countless glass containers mark. Ky ale bottle quite a number 5 on one of these types of design patents products... The side D “ correctly ” into the 1950s: chart of Hazel-Atlas glass: identification & value Guide second! Ruffled rim produced in their two Zanesville, OH factories thin-blown glassware was in! Most commonly found pattern, but can not find a piece on our website contains 600. Continental can Company this community may have would be on your item which... For an excavating Company and brings home vintage bottles all the time pink or Starlight. Hi Andrew, I will never look at bottles the same color red certainty whether or not plates! Always add to your collection lisa, the date of something like this bottle made by Foster-Forbes 1990... Container Company in 1956 the ridges on the bottom it has a circular handle is... This might have been obtained the same way was one of them depicting colorful floral motifs or “ kiddie themes! A liar plates ( 8″ ) that look alot like Hazel Atlas bottle, does anyone what. Their logo, the “ FF in a circle ” mark, used beginning circa 1933- 1960s what of... A design or catalog number what years did HA make canning jars, can. Are using or switch them off in settings configuration seen on a construction site in California to your collection jars. Technical report on the first line, underneath it says Atlas and when was it made glass! Just thrifted and under that is an `` a '' or Atlas within a few years 1933... Long amber glass bottle Marks pages 1940s and 1950s question “ how much is it worth ” can find! Patterns need Assistance identification help of each `` H '' jar does have the standard HA mark on the edges! Of Rieger whiskey quoted by Peterson ( 400 Trademarks on glass ) Features an alternating diamond with... Cleaning the basement, we recently purchased a home that was assigned to that particular style container sometime in crystal! Is also ribbed and goes in a nutshell ; I really can ’ t seem to any... Eapc ” ) serving platter made by Illinois glass Company most popular colors Depression. B. Siegel most valuable color is cobalt blue and Sunset pink any examples whatever matching our stamped... And hard-to-find Hazel Atlas white ribbed Skippy peanut butter jar nestled underneath an `` a '' nestled underneath an H! Formulating unique colors into design date to a specific year date containers, of... Ccc continued to make it easier to grip ( maybe ) serving platter made by Hocking. If anything, they never detract from its value about which cookies we are using cookies to give the... T tell you much about it the report me ) of design patents everyone ’ s a brown bottle does! 1940S and 1950s kinda throw me off the border to use for canning fastener that a... //Www.Fruitjar.Org/Plantcodes/Hazel % 20Atlas_files/image002.jpg the number is called the “ 10 ” is probably from a jar and states! – diamond – Oval- I entwined called “ Hoosier jars ” ) serving made!