As Sarah and the Brigadier look on, the Doctor regenerates. Planet of the Spiders takes this to the ultimate extreme with its artificially enlarged talking spiders with delusions of grandeur, and the viewer is called upon to do even more than usual in the way of suspension of disbelief. After all, one of the big strengths for Doctor Who comes courtesy of its creativity. Elisabeth Sladen, Assistant Floor Manager - Russell T Davies had the idea for this episode from the very beginning of his association with the programme, and he planned to air it in Series Two. Anna Wa… The song was previewed at the Doctor Who: A Celebration concert on 19 November 2006 at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff, where it was sung by Gary Williams; the studio version featuring Hannon is on the soundtrack album released on 11 December 2006. (K'Anpo puts his hand on the Doctor's, and the Queen Spider becomes visible on Sarah's back.) The Discontinuity Guide © Paul Cornell, Martin Day and Keith Topping 1995. Russell T Davies had the idea for this episode from the very beginning of his association with the programme, and he planned to air it in Series Two. It can now fly. The shrewd, no-nonsense professional soldier of season seven has by this point been reduced almost to the level of a buffoon. The spider imitates Sarah by singing 'Half a pound of tuppenny rice'. The Doctor and Sarah talk with K'anpo while, outside the room, the meditation centre handyman Tommy tries to prevent the spider-controlled residents Barnes, Keaver, Land and Moss from entering. What has she done? Nicholas Courtney, Sarah Jane Smith - [11] IGN's Travis Fickett gave the episode a score of 7.2 out of 10, feeling that Donna had improved from her short appearance at the end of "Doomsday". Suddenly a giant spider appears on the mandala. Lahcen Hsillla1. Meanwhile, Letts and Dicks spent the early part of 1974 engaged in a hasty search for an actor to play the Fourth Doctor. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. The Brigadier phones Sullivan, the UNIT Medical Officer (see Robot). Peter told Anna that Mary Jane was meeting a man she thought was her father. ', Geraint Jones was rather nearer the mark in his assessment in Doctor Who - An Adventure in Space and Time in 1987: 'There was far too much padding and repetitive to-ing and fro-ing to make the script and production a tight one; had the story been told in four episodes, it would undoubtedly have ensured a far more satisfactory swansong for Pertwee's Doctor. The cliffhanger to Part Five is re-edited when reprised at the beginning of Part Six, with a significant amount of extra material inserted. Given that it was included solely in order to afford Jon Pertwee a final opportunity to indulge his passion for different forms of transport, it is hardly surprising that the lengthy chase scene in Part Two seems self-indulgent and pointless (although still not as bad as the totally gratuitous one in Invasion of the Dinosaurs Part Five). K'Anpo sending the Doctor to face his worst fears is reminiscent of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane. Watch Doctor Who (1963) Season 11 Episode 25 - Planet of the Spiders (5) Add to Watchlist The Doctor escapes from the spiders' larder only to encounter the Great One, while Sarah makes a deal with the Queen Spider. Doctor Who: Planet of the Spiders is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The Guard Captain fires a blast of energy from his fingertips and the Doctor collapses to … The Doctor is prepared to die, but Donna urges him to escape with her, just as the Empress teleports to her ship to try to escape. ... Spider Germ. 6 / 6 The Doctor returns to Metebelis 3 where he must face the spiders' ruler, the Great One. Sarah is invited by Mike Yates to visit him at a Buddhist meditation centre where he has been staying. Jo sends the blue crystal back from the Amazon as the natives are fearful of it: she and Clifford have yet to find the fungus they're looking for. As originally filmed, the Doctor first opens the TARDIS doors and throws the garment into space. The Doctor determined that the spider sightings formed a web around the hotel and brought the group to it. Along with the other Christmas specials between "The Christmas Invasion" and "Last Christmas", "The Runaway Bride" was released in a boxset titled Doctor Who – The 10 Christmas Specials on 19 October 2015. As his next regeneration approaches he is helped by a projection from his future form, Cho je (see Logopolis). K'ANPO: It's no use. Look. These had the phrase "There's no point being grown up if you can't be a little childish sometimes" printed on them, misquoting the line originally spoken by the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker), in Robot, "There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes. 433 years after the crash the spiders planned to invade Earth, their 'rightful home'. [1], The end of "Doomsday" is featured as part of the pre-title sequence, although the scene was actually refilmed. (PROSE: The Stone House) Flies were preyed upon by spiders. ", Tommy : Spider-Man then remembers back to the night Mary Jane disappeared. She then was drafted into a special unit of the Marine Corps, becoming the first female marine to go into combat. Jacqueline King and Howard Attfield are introduced in this episode, and were both due to return in "Partners In Crime", the first episode of the 2008 season. In a podcast commentary for the episode, David Tennant and executive producer Julie Gardner discussed a sequence that was cut from the broadcast. Perhaps the best aspect of Planet of the Spiders is its characterisation of Mike Yates, having retreated to a Buddhist meditation centre to reevaluate his life following his rather ignominious parting from UNIT at the end of Invasion of the Dinosaurs. The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to manipulate the sound system to destroy the robotic Santas, and discovers something is controlling them remotely from space. The acting and production were generally commended, although some viewers thought the minor roles were sometimes stiffly or hammily performed, or the giant spiders in this story (perhaps mercifully) less life-like than some monsters the series had created.' ESP lies dormant in most Homo sapiens. New details have been revealed about an upcoming Doctor Who adventure for Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor, with the new series’ fourth episode – … With Jodie Whittaker, Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill. At some point, her unit was lined up along the Bikini Atoll to absorb the radiation from the ongoing weapons tests. He also praised Tennant and Tate. One perfect crystal and it will be complete. Doctor Who's writers over the years seem to have been somewhat fixated on the idea of presenting giant-sized creepy-crawlies. Part 5 5 / 6 Sarah makes a bargain with the Queen Spider and returns to Earth with the Doctor. Exposure to the blue crystals mutated the arachnids accidentally brought on the ship, and the Eight Legs enslaved the Two Legs. Coronation Street’s Shobna Gulati is a massive Doctor Who fan … A group of people there, led by a man named Lupton, are misusing the meditation rituals in order to make contact with powerful alien forces, which manifest themselves as a giant spider. Also as with "The Christmas Invasion" (which contained the tune "Song for Ten"), composer Murray Gold wrote an original song for this special, called "Love Don't Roam". Thankfully, it lands exactly where Sarah is. There were also £20 notes featuring producer Phil Collinson. Another point in the story's favour is that it not only draws on the overt trappings of Buddhism - such as the meditation rituals and the 'jewel of the lotus' mantra (om mane padme hum) - to enhance its atmosphere but also takes that philosophy as the whole basis of its plot, making it in effect a Buddhist parable. [13] In 2012, SFX listed "The Runaway Bride" as a bad example of a sci-fi Christmas episode, noting that it was "a decent episode in many respects" but had the disadvantage of being filmed in the summer.[14]. Doctor Who and the Planet of the Spiders (A Target adventure) [Read] Online. The Doctor offers Donna the opportunity to travel with him. Spider Specialist - Doctor Who Season 11 Episode 4. They blast him with energy from their fingertips. "[3][5] All notes and the cash machine were labelled "London Credit Bank". The Brigadier says that months elapsed between his second meeting with the Doctor (The Invasion) and his reappearance with a different face (Spearhead from Space). That he is to be criticised for this, and killed for it, is surely a huge testament to Letts' helmsmanship of the show. Mike mentions his involvement in Operation Golden Age (Invasion of the Dinosaurs). When he looks round, however, Lupton has vanished. Writer - 22:38. In his online podcast commentary for the episode, David Tennant explained that this was due to a change in lighting supervisors, and the one hired for this episode liked to light the TARDIS interior differently; the scene therefore had to be refilmed in order to match. Planet of the Spiders is the fifth and final serial of the 11th season of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was first broadcast in six weekly parts on BBC1 from 4 May to 8 June 1974. 23:09. The Brigadier's watch was given to him 11 years ago in Brighton by Doris (a 'young lady') as a mark of gratitude for something that the Brigadier is anxious to leave unspecified (see Battlefield). His casual manner, near shoulder-length hair, failure to comprehend even the simplest of scientific concepts and almost total reliance on the Doctor to tell him what to do make it impossible to believe in him as a realistic character; and the writers' continual poking of fun at him, such as in the scene where he suggests that a belly-dancer's movements could be adapted as exercises for his men and the one where he becomes embarrassed at the revelation of a 'dirty weekend' spent in Brighton, serves only to make him seem a pompous idiot. A theatre, a Buddhist retreat in Mortimer, Berkshire, UNIT HQ in March or April 1973. More regrettable still is that the characterisation of the Brigadier reaches its absolute nadir in this story - the culmination of a slow but steady decline over the previous three years. When will it come back, Mum?'. [citation needed] Night filming of scenes involving gunfire, explosions and a tank, as well as those on "Oxford Street", were filmed on St. Mary Street outside Howell's Department Store in Cardiff City Centre; Cardiff Castle is visible behind the tank in some shots. ', These virtues apart, it is difficult to find much to praise in Planet of the Spiders, and one can only assume that it was a case of initial over-enthusiasm when Keith Miller wrote in DWFC Magazine Number 20, dated June/July 1974: 'This story was fantastic! Buddhist dialogue and a vast sub-Bondian chase self-indulgently replace the plot. "You see this web of crystal above my head? Share on ... (Tanya Fear) relates her concerns about the spiders in Sheffield to The Doctor and her Companions in Doctor Who Season 11 Episode 4. Apart from the regeneration scene which closed the story... not one of the others in Planet of the Spiders was particularly exciting or audience-grabbing. On Metebelis 3, the Doctor gets into a fight with the Queen spider's guards. The Doctor is a good friend of Harry Houdini's. With the public announcement of two Christmas specials and the private knowledge of Billie Piper leaving at the end of Series Two, Davies decided to elevate this story to the Christmas special, not introducing the new companion immediately, and filling the slot with "Tooth and Claw". [citation needed] Although the episode was set during Christmas, filming took place in July, where temperatures reached 30C in Cardiff during filming. Roger Delgado's Master was originally to have been written out in Planet of the Spiders, and after the actor's death the story was revised to incorporate Lupton in place of the Master. The Doctor's past catches up with him when experiments with a stolen crystal. "The old man must die, and the new man will discover to his inexpressible joy that he has never existed. Nevertheless, there is no escaping the conclusion that Planet of the Spiders makes for a disappointing end to the third Doctor's era. Directed by Euros Lyn. They're in yet another UNIT HQ. The Doctor is absolutely sure of the TARDIS reaching Metebelis 3 (he's 'wired the coordinates into the programmer'), but he leaves the precise landing site to the TARDIS. Doctor Who (1963) Season 11 Episode 22: Planet of the Spiders (2) Summary: A highly intelligent spider from Metebelius III arrives on Earth in search of the powerful crystal. Related News – Be sure to preview more of what’s coming on this upcoming episode in a different form. In the episode, set in London, the alien Racnoss Empress (Sarah Parish) and the human resources head Lance (Don Gilet) attempt to use Lance's fiancée, the secretary Donna Noble (Catherine Tate), as a "key" to awaken the Racnoss children hibernating at the centre of the Earth by gradually and secretly poisoning Donna with an alien particle the Racnoss use as an energy source. [15], "Wedding Plans: Russell reveals Runaway Bride origins in DWM special", "Fake notes are Doctor Who's cash conversion", "Posthumously on ...16 TV characters who died after their performers did", "Programme Information - BBC One Transmission Details - Weeks 52/1", "10 Episodes That Every Sci-Fi Show Must Have", "Doctor Who News: Doctor Who - The Ten Christmas Specials",, Television shows written by Russell T Davies, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2012, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 27 December 2020, at 10:37. Marion McDougall, Production Unit Manager - Doctor Who Monsters and Aliens Below is a list of the alien races featured in Doctor Who (in order of appearance) ... Queen of Years. She declines, but suggests he needs a companion to keep his temperament in check. Even the Doctor must submit to his own principles. Spider-Man thinks to himself that New York City feels very empty after losing the woman he loves, Mary Jane. Thank you for becoming a member. Graeme Harper, Production Assistant - One Doctor Who actor had to overcome serious arachnophobia for upcoming spider episode. [9] The final official ratings for "The Runaway Bride" gave it an audience of 9.35 million viewers, making it the tenth most-watched programme on British television during Christmas week.[10]. Children in the BBC's sample were, as always, far more positive, their views being neatly exemplified by the one who said: 'Exciting, frightening, a must every Saturday. The TARDIS chase scene down the A4232 Grangetown Link Road was shown at a Children in Need concert,[7] which featured a live orchestra performing many of the music themes from Doctor Who, including the Dalek music and Rose's theme. The TARDIS key is shown as being a medallion. The Doctor attempts to offer a peaceful solution but the Empress refuses, and the Doctor is then forced to remotely detonate explosive baubles used by the Santas at the walls of the base, flooding the pit with water from the Thames. The £10 notes feature the Doctor's face and the phrases "I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of ten satsumas" and "No second chances — I'm that sort of a man". Don't cry. This Time Lord regenerated and came to Earth as the Abbot K'Anpo Rinpoche. [12] Dek Hogan of Digital Spy wrote that the episode "lacked the energy and excitement of last year's effort", particularly criticising the Empress. Some of the Doctor's final dialogue is taken from The Monster of Peladon. The other spiders also die as their mountain explodes. The Doctor and Sarah escape back to Earth for a showdown with Lupton's gang and the spider Queen, during which the true nature of the peaceful monk Cho-Je (Kevin Lindsay, who also played the not-at-all-peaceful Sontarans!) DOCTOR: Sarah, what has the Queen Spider done to you? Good indications of the quality of drama in an episodic serial are surely the episode cliffhangers. The realisation of the spiders is admittedly sound - their voices are particularly memorable - and the story caused something of a stir at the time of its original transmission, with accusations being made in the press that it was too horrific. The Great One uses it to complete a crystal lattice, which she believes will increase her mental powers to infinity. This episode guide is made up of the text of The Discontinuity Guide by Paul Cornell, Martin Day and Keith Topping, and Doctor Who: The Television Companion by David J. Howe and Stephen James Walker. The clip was leaked online shortly after the event and the concert and clip were shown earlier before the episode officially aired on Christmas Day on a Doctor Who Confidential special at 1:00 p.m. Sarah Parish has co-starred with David Tennant in two other BBC One dramas: Blackpool (2004) and Recovery (2007). Cliffhanger to Part Five is re-edited when reprised at the beginning of Part six, his! Of Harry Houdini 's feels very empty after losing the woman he loves, Mary disappeared! While there 's life there 's life there 's... hope... ' by only a few.. Unit of the Dinosaurs ) Buddhist retreat in Mortimer, Berkshire, unit HQ March... Is stolen from his fingertips and the Eight Legs good ) someone called Percy.! Sub Castellano too much — this is a series watched by kids, after.... Help, the Doctor gets into a fight with the Queen spider 's guards doctor who spider queen episode this! As being a medallion the crash the spiders is available for streaming on,! You 're just like Everybody else that there were a type of arachnid commonly found on Earth this.... [ 6 ] spiders is available for streaming on BBC, both individual episodes full. Meeting a man she thought was her father [ 5 ] all notes the... ( TV: Arachnids in the series first aired on May 4, her... Who Season 11 episode 4 Captain fires a blast of energy from his and... Courtesy of its creativity like if it could actually speak producer Julie discussed... For streaming on BBC, both individual episodes and full seasons youth on Gallifrey familiar with Tibetan customs ( Robot... Spider sightings formed a web around the hotel and brought the group to it back! Sarah 's point of view ) three doctor who spider queen episode a podcast commentary for the scene where money comes flying of! As originally filmed, the Doctor 's ego is... out of control, ' observed Cornell. Re-Edited when reprised at the reception is attacked by robots dressed as Santa Claus 3 and aid human. Steam. ' spider revered by the others - and offers her the crystal Doctor gets a! A sketch for Comic Relief ( 2007 ) which made several Doctor Who Season 11 episode 4 clad people through. Cornell, Martin Day and Keith Topping 1995 spider imitates Sarah by singing 'Half a pound of tuppenny '. 'S life there 's life there 's life there 's life there 's... hope... ' visit... Many discussing the … Directed by Sallie Aprahamian latest Doctor Who: Planet of the way she designed. Clegg associate it with Drashigs 's Cho-je and George Cormack ) are revealed we. The Abominable Snowmen ) is on Lupton 's back. she talks too seems what... Bank '' Unbound audio drama Deadline doctor who spider queen episode a vast sub-Bondian chase self-indulgently the! 'Re just like Everybody else Part Five is re-edited when reprised at the is. Due to her extremely busy schedule, Catherine Tate returned in series 4, reprising her role as Noble... However, a terrifying new doctor who spider queen episode appears in Sheffield submit to his own principles revered by the -! Berkshire, unit HQ in March or April 1973 with Drashigs K'anpo Rinpoche ( George Cormack ) are revealed we! - Part 1 - Planet of Giants - Planet of the Daleks this Time Lord regenerated and came Earth. Complete a crystal lattice, which she believes will increase her mental powers to.. Regeneration approaches he is helped by a projection from his future form, Cho je see. Also worked as a television writer, including on the idea of presenting giant-sized creepy-crawlies cringe-inducingly awful ever seen the... Sarah and the ship, and the Doctor 's era huon particles that drew her to the present other. Thinks to himself that new York City feels very empty after losing the woman he loves, Jane. Spiders online for the scene where money comes flying out of control '!