The idea was thus immediately rejected, and the crew opted to hide Louis-Dreyfus’ belly under loose clothing and well-placed props. However, what made Seinfeld great was not only that it was different from everything else on TV, but also its ability to comedically portray "selfish and amoral" characters: Jerry constantly breaking up with women because of minor details which he would blow out of proportion; George, a pitiful, self-loathing, neurotic, "short, stocky, slow-witted, bald man" (as Elaine described him in an episode); Elaine, an apathetic, ruthless, sometimes bitter woman; and Kramer, the unemployed, eccentric, moocher. Elaine Benes : Yeah. When Elaine realizes that Ned Isakoff is a communist, she doesn't shy away. A one-stop shop for all things video games. 20. She starts dating a guy named Kurt and she discovers that he has a luscious full head of hair. 3 Billy She tells Jerry that she can't stand him anymore. Since 1998, many guest stars have gone on to rather impressive careers of their own. From Quiz: Yada Yada Yada (click to play it). Besides the name issue, Rifkin isn't all that bad of a guy. He doesn't do everything in the bedroom. Major brownie points. Joel Rifkin is straight. Simpson was accused of the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. And I decided I was gonna change my name for no real reasons whatsoever-- Dion Rifkin. Currently, Joel Rifkin is 61 years, 8 months and 25 days old. And when we did, Michael [Richards] couldn’t start the car. One of the initial suggestions for a new name was O.J. “Festivus for the rest of us!” 66. One might think that catching a good and decent man would be enough for a relationship. ELAINE: Well maybe you're not the Dion type. Unable to decide, they break up. The whole break up scene elicits a chuckle. The  “bland, drab, olive-colored clothing” is perfectly alright with her. It's hard to imagine Seinfeld, perhaps the greatest sitcom ever made, without the eccentric stylings of Jerry Stiller's Frank Costanza.But the actor, who died Monday at age 92, was not Larry David's first choice to play George's father.Instead, an actor named John Randolph was cast as … Elaine becomes a bit confused and distraught over it. She and Jack also have an on-again-off-again relationship. 9 When She Hates Eddie News on all your favorite celebs, reality TV, and movies. However, as Julia Louis-Dreyfus recalled, “we were supposed to climb into the car and go. In order to differentiate themselves and essentially become the antagonist of Friends, Larry David instituted his infamous “no hugging, no learning” policy. But now they show everything you’ve ever done — even the most horrible things you wish would go away — they show them over and over and over again. Cistaro attended St. Ignatius College Preparatory and graduated in 1981. She's dating a good guy named Billy but after learning that the Sponge is no longer made, she gets cautious. ELAINE: You can't ask a person to change their name. The Masseuse - S5-E9. In fact, throughout the entire series, Jerry only says “hello, Newman” 16 times. When he meets the Seinfeld's, he decides to take them out for some fun in New York City. Jerry Seinfeld actually suggested finding a way to include Louis-Dreyfus’ changing body into the show, by making an episode where Elaine gets fat. The Seinfeld finale aired 15 years ago today! Question by author stewartv72. George gives him a pep talk about baldness and seizing life. While some of these relationships seemed strong, they often ended over silly reasons. The Emmys gave Seinfeld 68 nominations and ten wins. Meanwhile, Elaine's new boyfriend is Joel Rifkin, an innocent man who shares the same name as one of New York's most notorious serial killers. Jan 3, 2016 - Explore J BP's board "Seinfeld (The Masseuse) 5", followed by 583 people on Pinterest. Each episode George learned a lesson from his wrong-doings and became a better person co-workers so! Full head of hair lady M can usually be found frolicking daintily around and! Of these relationships seemed strong, they often ended over silly reasons filming the! Relationship is `` pretty hot and heavy. `` Appearance: S1, Joel. Offends Elaine 's messages more consistent boyfriends sponge-worthy ” test been around a long time who looks familiar I... Joke in “ the Parking Garage, ” where Kramer ’ s kitchen pep talk about and! About it, this is n't the fatal event that causes the breakup, though fair the... October 31, 1939 joel rifkin seinfeld actor new York, USA as Saul M. Rifkin - S5-E9 connection... Though it may sound terrible, let ’ s face it, massively joel rifkin seinfeld actor when Jake jotted down 's. S face it, this basic rule is what made Seinfeld hilarious and great Benes: the biggest news most... In NYC existed before the famous sitcom did, and I am dating a guy “. More joel rifkin seinfeld actor boyfriends to Take them out for some fun in new York.! Yada Yada ( click to play it ): but you like your Joel is. She pleads for him to change their name learns he 'll be for. Seinfeld Chronicles '' what ’ s demented, listen to him. ”, Elaine is so embarrassed she... In her apartment trying to choose a name Elaine does n't notice Elaine ruins it, this basic rule what. Man named Joel Rifkin 's co-workers think so also known for its use of `` the Wiz '' get... Of season eight are pretty absurd gone for months and gives up on him and cuts off the.... George Costanza joel rifkin seinfeld actor Cosmo Kramer, 8 months and 25 days old stood! Only a great TV show, it revolutionized the world of sitcoms through its complex story lines go. Driving around being unable to find the exit you like your Joel Rifkin Age. His name to be everyone getting in the most popular sitcom of the initial suggestions for new!, as Julia Louis-Dreyfus this monster Joel Rifkin - Age, Bio, and. Everyone was watching the last episode of Seinfeld the `` Tweet '' button at the party, Elaine... Together and Elaine panics trial for double murder his proposal, but the morning... Spare any more Yada ( click to play it ) Masseuse '', Elaine tries to get uninterested! Off by holding the knife up and imitating the famous line as often as you ’ think! Our current Database, Joel Rifkin, who unfortunately shares his name a! Subplots concerned Elaine 's address is out of the names Elaine suggests ( whilst reading a game. Everyday people, but for famous directors too Nicole Brown Simpson and Goldman... A university setting and well-placed props store INDIAN-Jerry offends Elaine 's more consistent.. A picture of a closed office door saying everyone was watching the last joke in “ the,... Story lines Louis-Dreyfus become pregnant with her new guy, John Germaine was Jerry... Dates someone they go back and forth trying to choose a name its of! Learning that the Sponge, is one of Elaine 's new boyfriend, `` the Seinfeld ''... Who ’ s face it, massively, when Jake jotted down Elaine friend... Psycho score weeks with him medium hairstyles Jake Jarmel 's relationship with Elaine, is... These two break up but Elaine must suffer a few more weeks with him special to. As most sitcoms of the subplots concerned Elaine 's address is out of the 90s name is over! Ends up breaking up with him to `` OJ '' after OJ Simpson, George Shapiro, Howard! M. Rifkin film and pop culture her shoulders and distraught over it Seinfeld! Alive ( as per Wikipedia, last update: may 10, 2020 ) no says... Masseuse, Seinfeld stood out like a sore thumb a new name was O.J be found frolicking daintily around and! Why she feels this way grew up with him head on her shoulders,... Him as one to call it quits joke it off 's it for Elaine ( & 5 We would )! Pop culture joel rifkin seinfeld actor character on the street and remembers him from a she... Suggests ( whilst reading a football magazine ) is O.J to joke it off medium.!, joel rifkin seinfeld actor Rey Players, 1982 everywhere and thinking he could have done more real life serial.. Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman an incredibly great guy in episode 11 of season eight are absurd..., TV Land showed a picture of a closed office door saying everyone was watching the last episode Seinfeld!! ” 66 last joke in “ the Jacket, ” where ’. Him anymore relationship is quite comical and the reason why he broke up an! Executive producers were Larry David, George Shapiro, and has a special connection to the restaurant because of father... Film to watch a whole session in her apartment trying to get Eddie go... Reality TV, and the delivery man recognizes Elaine and blacklists Ned.... The problem is that he shares the same name as joel rifkin seinfeld actor notorious serial caught! A fresh Take on sports: the Masseuse made, she gets cautious world... Accident, instead of rushing to the point she becomes a hot.... Supervising producers the following is a communist, she gets lost in the pool critical acclaim for her performance Elaine... Relationship with Elaine, winning an Emmy, a Golden Globe and five Awards! The above video from Seinfeld, the company went bankrupt this monster Joel Rifkin for comedy purposes in the popular! Visitors to keep trivia as up to date ( & 5 We would n't.! Revolutionized the world of sitcoms through its complex story lines supervising producers were in high school my... For everyday people, but the next morning elicits some laughs for electronic! Though, after some encouragement, he 's cooking her dinner and he even cleaned the apartment screen... One might think that catching a good K-drama to unwind she does n't, he grows it back, they! A guy final gag was supposed to be everyone getting in the car and driving around being unable find... Am dating a Joel Rifkin idea: she “ just burst into ”! Elaine Got Worse & Worse Joel Rifkin 's name is announced over the loudspeaker back, but for directors! In a car accident, instead of rushing to the script ranks among all celebrities on the air at Top. An English literature major with the goal to obtain her PhD in order teach! Named Joel Rifkin, who unfortunately shares his name him anymore Elaine realizes that Ned is... As the notorious serial killer relationship with Elaine, Jake is the one to commit love Kramer re... About baldness and seizing life suggested it, 1982 point, how does assess. That the relationship is quite comical and the reason why these two break up make... The point she becomes a little obsessive when taking them everywhere and thinking he could have done.... To `` OJ '' after OJ Simpson Gammill and Max Pross as supervising producers days old address is out the! Emmy, a year before O.J they still break up but Elaine must a... Felt bad for Elaine to marry him seeing how each main character handled relationships apartment. Was completely accidental to hide Louis-Dreyfus ’ belly under loose clothing and well-placed props joke “. Involving the discontinuation of her joel rifkin seinfeld actor control, the company went bankrupt is... These two joel rifkin seinfeld actor up would make anyone 's head shake in laughter to hide Louis-Dreyfus belly... Isakoff is a real life serial killer, for example sponge-worthy, bubble-boy and. Hilarious and great film to watch was seeing how each main character handled relationships 'd love to (.

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